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Matiullah Khan, powerful in Uruzgan province north of Kandahar, has been reported assassinated in Kabul. The provincial police chief for central Uruzgan province of Afghanistan was killed following ...
by Garrett
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Thomas Ruttig, at Afghanistan Analysts Network, has a long intricate post on the status of talks with the Taliban. In Ashraf Ghani's view, costs of the security forces and the war are unsustainable.
by Garrett
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Excuse me whilst I try to defrost my brain United States intelligence agencies detected the deployments in the past few weeks as Iraq was marshaling a force of 30,000 troops — two-thirds of them ...
by LaFeminista
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Jenifer Fenton, in Al Jazeera, is calling attention to the case of Redha al-Najar of Tunisia. In 2002, al-Najar was the first prisoner at the CIA black site in Afghanistan known as the Salt Pit. ...
by Garrett
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Perhaps Never? Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein Lady Liberty? She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no ...
by enhydra lutris
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Michele Flournoy and Stephen Hadley write to the New York Times , in the name of the bipartisan national security consensus. Your March 9 editorial “No Cause to Delay the Afghan Pullout” ...
by Garrett
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Received a picture on my face book page. It was of 4 young men, two of whom have been in the news of late. Travon Martin, and Michael Brown (the one giving the finger) on top. On the bottom were ...
by billp65
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Human Rights Watch has issued a report on impunity for war crime and other human rights abuse by the strongmen in Afghanistan. The United States has long talked respect for human rights: [U.S. Army]
by Garrett
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OND Editors OND is a community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around the world, sometimes coupled with a daily theme, original research or commentary. Editors of OND ...
by side pocket
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I saw this and thought that I needed to share. It is a video from CNN, I hope that you like it as much as I did... it just goes to show the special bond between hoomans and other animals, and that ...
by BFSkinner
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zero dark thirty occurs every 24 hours The war crimes of the Bush-Cheney regime in terms of CIA torture and rendition have become clearer recently as NPR reports this morning about what has been a ...
by annieli
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Al Jazeera reports on an armed group that will be saving Afghanistan from armed groups. Every day they hear the thunderous sound of motorcycles approaching their houses. Minutes later, residents ...
by Garrett
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by Meteor Blades
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Well Jeepers. This is a shock. I guess in the face of the Iraq/Syria/Libya mess and the random occurrences of increases in violent extremism something needs to be done, dammit! So let's stay ...
by EdMass
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The New York Times reports on an escalation of the secret war in Afghanistan. As an October chill fell on the mountain passes that separate the militant havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a small ...
by Garrett
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Imagining for a second we had a functioning non-corporate news media. It is so easy to run with the prepackaged news other giant corporations so conveniently provide. Some intrepid reporter might ...
by mtosner
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Perpetual war Back in September, when President Obama announced his military mission against the terrorists who call themselves the Islamic State, ...
by Laurence Lewis
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My high school band director was fond of saying "if you are going to make mistakes, it is more to your credit to make a different one every time". Osama bin Laden goaded America into getting bogged ...
by Sarge in Seattle
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Now that NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended for six months for fabricating stories, it's the perfect time for the currently unoccupied former Liar In Chief George W. Bush to ...
by laloalcaraz
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The Obama administration will request congress pass an authorization for use of military force to cover the war with ISIS. The powers requested will be limited, but if history has shown us ...
by GShaw
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