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The people of Greece rebelled last week against the perverse notion that they should continue to endure biting austerity in a vain attempt to cure a condition that they are not solely responsible ...
by Leo W Gerard
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So. Juncker was the duly elected Spitzenkandidat for the post of President of the European Commission for the EPP, the party which won the most seats in the European Parliament elections. He ...
by Frank Schnittger
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Consumer groups on both sides of the Atlantic have objected to Google’s proposed European antitrust settlement, which relies heavily on labeling Google’s own services and on showing links to ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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"... the lid is finally being lifted off the dark and murky world of oil pricing" -- Luke Bosdet of the AA in Britain Offices of both BP and Shell Oil were raided yesterday by European regulators ...
by markthshark
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Eleven Internet Companies are pressing European antitrust regulators to take strong action against Google so that the Internet ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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A tale of two European Unions: austerity-choked Greece on the one hand, where tens of thousands of households kept warm by burning firewood and whatever else they could find this past winter; and ...
by neo11
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Last weekend news broke that the Federal Trade Commission was about to settle its two-year antitrust investigation of Google with what charitably could be ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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When you stare down a $220 billion corporation, it's hard not to blink. But if the Federal Trade Commission doesn't deliver on its ultimatum to ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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A bunch of Robin Hoods are seeking economic justice in America. They want the financial transactions tax resurrected. This is the Robin Hood tax, a tiny levy on the sale of stocks, bonds, derivatives,
by Leo W Gerard
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Americans bailed out Wall Street, handing it a Marshall Plan for reconstruction after its bad bets blew up the world economy. Now, three years later, happy days are here again for the Wall Street ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Today in his annual state of the Union speech to the European Parliament, President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso has made a few proposals, one on tighter integration of the EU, ...
by NY brit expat
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Hmmm...let's see where this leads us.
by Tasini
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Installing solar panels? Consuming less energy? Planting trees? Reducing carbon footprints? Saving the planet from overheating? Going Green? Following the [Live Earth http://www.liveearth.org/
by JekyllnHyde
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The title does not say what this is about, so here it is for those of you that doe not want to waste your time guessing: this is about the politics of energy, using the example of Europe. Feel free ...
by Jerome a Paris
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Many have lamented that the United States is falling behind -- in health care, education, admiration and goodwill, and so much more. As current US expenditures on energy research are a shadow of ...
by A Siegel
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This amazing bit of information, via the Foreign Policy blog and ...
by Jerome a Paris
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by Jerome a Paris
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by Jerome a Paris
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by tzt
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by ameri
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