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A Christian friend sent me this picture; He will supply his name if asked. The other pictures Are unbelievable. He thinks we should send troops back to Iraq and Syria to stop these obscenities. ...
by Vet63
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Dick Cheney is immortal... This from 2007: Lately, word has been spreading that US Vice President Dick Cheney, who was recently the target of an allegedly unsuccessful Taliban assassination attempt ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Quitting smoking is notoriously unpleasant. Not only is nicotine highly addictive but the brain is very clever in that it creates billions of little receptors specifically designed to enhance ...
by ExpatGirl
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Dear Friends: It has been some time since I have posted here due to life but in my heart of hearts I know this community is fighting the good fight, holding a golden standard for human decency and ...
by relikx
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In the midst of troubling times that include police brutality, sexual abuse, and other acts of violence I happened to be reading about the German-born Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt, best ...
by eclift
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It is to 20th Century political philosopher Hannah Arendt that we owe the ironic trope ‘banality of evil’. The expression she coined reporting for The New Yorker on the trial of one Adolph ...
by gaquitaine
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The people on each side of America's political divide are making a fundamental error at what might be ...
by AndySchmookler
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Noting the top-rec'd diary: What's a good term to replace "evil" with? "Evil" is ok but has somewhat too much religious baggage. "Wicked" seems antiquated. I can't readily come up with something ...
by dov12348
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Yes, the Republican party has gone so far off the rails that It has actually come to this.They are now officially evil. I do not use that word lightly. Let me explain.
by paulex
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When I read [http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/ohio-pastor-forced-vasectomies-abortions-because-kids-divert-money-away-from-church-report/this story] I thought, hmmm, Ernest Angley... where have ...
by EarthquakeWeather
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I am not fan of the Koch brothers but I have to admit that this article in Rolling Stone floored me. It is stunning what Charles and David Koch have done over the last half century, stealing from ...
by wilbur
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Warning: Triggers How did we get to the abuses at Abu Ghraib? Or to torturing prisoners in the US, whether by waterboarding at Guantanamo, or years of aggravated solitary confinement, or horrific ...
by Mokurai
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A few days ago, I stumbled across a very insightful blogpost titled, Six Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police . It was written by the uber talented blogger ...
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A video IS worth a thousand words. Curious as to why ANOTHER unarmed minority has been murdered? Watch and *listen* to the following video and you'll see the root of the problem. Please follow ...
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Short angry diary.....A rant... You misogynistic BASTARD! So, you would punish MEN by raping their WOMEN? That it is a good "deterrent"? That it is the way it works in your part of the world? It ...
by SaraBeth
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I think it is time to start a petition calling on the Pope to act on those he called out for their idolatry of money and to start using his Papal Authority to censure or excommunicate them. If ...
by JadeSkywalker8
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Sure. I know what you are thinking: "The TPP will not make us surfs subservient enough, and besides, it will be debated in public for at least 20 minutes before it is ratified by Multinational ...
by koNko
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Recently, I began researching what I thought would be a funny, odd project about a couple of sociopath billionaires out to take over the country. Real knee-slapper. Problem is, the more I ...
by Crashing Vor
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One of the "great" questions of religion and philosophy which I am sure the overwhelming number of DK users will share one opinion on, but I've not authored a diary in a bit and the topic came up in ...
by BFSkinner
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Don't worry, I'll get to it.
by Crashing Vor
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