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Yes, Mam! Big name companies as well as small locals, continue to dump Rush Limbaugh - about 2700 sponsors have departed so far. Some of ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the White House finally responded to OleHippieChick's petition to remove Rush Limbaugh from AFN. I think you can guess the bad news: Thank you ...
by angelajean
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While reading through some diaries on Daily Kos just now, I happened upon the following diary posted by Congressman Tim Ryan, of Ohio. MON MAR 26, 2012 AT 12:50 PM MDT Will the Secretary of ...
by RoseWeaver
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UPDATE: Are you monitoring sponsors? Send us your lists! Please leave a comment on our blog: boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com - tweet #rushwatch | Visit our blog to find Limbaugh sponsor/advertiser ...
by jjoncapecod
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And so it begins - the tug-of-war to get Rush Limbaugh off military airwaves. For a couple of weeks, we have been fortunate. We have seen more than 26,000 people sign OldHippieChick's petition to ...
by angelajean
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When I was young, the media used to report the truth. They used to have guts and dared to stare the likes of McCarthy in the face without flinching. Now, the truth is buried; left for those who don'...
by RoseWeaver
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Straight from our favorite conservative website, Newsmax : “It’s amazing how all these issues tend to get politicized after a while,” said Santorum. “The Armed Services Network is trying to ...
by angelajean
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The news just broke that the Department of Defense email servers don't like the word "slut." Imagine that... the DoD has been working hard to make sure sexual harassment doesn't happen in the work ...
by angelajean
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Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed services Committee has called for the Armed Services Network to drop Rush Limbaugh from their airwaves.
by StuHunter
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As an old Army brat, I'm sure that I speak for a lot of us when I express my mouth-wide-open amazement that the Rush Limbaugh show is broadcast on AFN. I saw the chyron on the main page about ...
by pdxcharlie
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This is the text of the letter I sent to AFN asking them to withdraw support for Rush. I have also signed the petition in whitehouse.gov and asked my daughter to call all her friends to sign the ...
by SandersRavilyn
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Part I: The Rant Essentially, our government funds are supporting a racist misogynist in the name of fair and balanced political expression. Enough! I get the argument that our troops and their ...
by angelajean
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It looks like Democratic Senate candidate in Alaska, Scott McAdams, has gotten the attention of the Republican Party, the corporations, and the national media. (heh, heh) First this week the ...
by akmk
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There's a lot to admire about the President's consensus-seeking style, however frustrating it can be to activists. But his press conference yesterday, and the management problems that led up to it, ...
by RJ Eskow
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This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture . I am a ...
by davej
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It's been almost 6 or so months now but, what the hell, it's still cool.
by LeftOfLeft
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