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We only kill to save lives. We only kill for freedom. We think of the children, but forget the ones we have killed. We are right, they are wrong, ignore the body count. We know our cause is just,
by LaFeminista
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American Exceptionalism, the key idea behind so much of conservative ideology today, has been turned into an excuse, a complete and total excuse for any and all change. Those that invoke American ...
by Chris Reeves
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Because NIXON. This is, of course, only a hypothesis and actually contradicts my usual preference for sticking to what I really think with some certainty. The Cons' constant flirtation with ...
by hannah
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America, the place where if you steal a few hundred dollars physically then you to jail for decades. But if you steal billions of dollars, you are called a CEO and successful. Then you are given ...
by The Grace Kelly
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As so often when I'm gearing up for a somewhat lengthy trip abroad, the mundane practical preparations (yikes, where IS my passport?) are interspersed with thoughts of what I'm looking forward to ...
by angry marmot
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Could someone help me out with this vexing question? I try to get my head around something I’ve been hearing a lot: American Exceptionalism. What is it?
by Upie
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This explanation was amazing in its simple insight, about why they are lying all the time: Republicans have a fundamental problem , which explains why they have to lie so much. They want to return ...
by jamess
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American exceptionalism has never gone completely unexpressed. Exceptionalism is present in many forms. The jingoistic saber-rattlers clamoring for war at various instances in our history kicked an ...
by cabaretic
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Do you still believe in "American Exceptionalism"? You know, that self-congratulating, masturbatory, loved-by-conservatives theory fantasy that claims the United States is innately ...
by Neapolitan
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At first I felt nothing when I heard of his death. I've now had time to take in the news and decided just how I feel about the Bin Laden saga. I argued at the time that going into Afghanistan was ...
by LaFeminista
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On April 15th I visited three Tea Parties and did interviews. The most encouraging thing I observed was that this years Tea Party events were much smaller than last year, on the order of half what ...
by Sam Wise Gingy
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Who says we don't believe in American "Exceptionalism" anymore? Record Breaking Bonuses on Wall Street, are treating the select few -- "Exceptionally" Well ... thank you very much!
by jamess
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First off, I can't claim credit for that question. As she frequently does, Randi Rhodes, gave me the topic, as she was explaining it to a caller on her radio show today. So, sincere Hat ...
by jamess
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The general theme of the post Democratic dominance, according to the Democrat in Chief is, "Dream big, do big, win big". What a load of bullshit. Flowery prose and words that reach for the stars ...
by Bill O Rights
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I've noticed that while watching the myriad political events, stories, campaigns etc., that the term progressive is often spoken with disdain. "Progressive" has become much more of a smear, "Oh, (s)...
by newliberl
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I remember a post from someone on some other article. It explained Palin and Tea Partiers perfectly. Basically, they are people whose mental make-up requires them to be "better" or "more worthy" ...
by IdeaTipper
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Any number of pundits have recently found it worth noting that, among other deficits, the American President suffers from an insufficient appreciation of America'...
by hannah
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We are not as good as some people say or think. Look what has been going on since the 9-11. War, bad economy, and ideologues have made us just like others.
by commonsensical
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Every human being is born, powerless and vulnerable, into a world they did not create. Ergo, for the awakening heart of the young, it can be a barren land, a dreamscape of ghosts, built by the bony ...
by Phil Rockstroh
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With the news that unemployment remains stagnant at 10% and that employers have cut more jobs than expected is a fresh blow to the American psyche. Based on what I have informally observed, the ...
by cabaretic
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