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With smoking rates leveling off in the U.S. and much of Europe, multi-national cigarette makers are focusing their lobbying efforts and political work on developing nations and emerging markets. ...
by Bud Meyers
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Who is Grover Norquist? Grover G. Norquist, a native of Massachusetts, has been one of most effective issues management ...
by jamess
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cross-posted from Sum of Change Just hopped off the conference call with Richard Trumka from the AFL-CIO. This morning, the AFL-CIO leadership ...
by SumOfChange
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The excise tax, the issue that essentially forced the sidecar reconciliation, is back as an issue as ...
by Joan McCarter
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No public option, no deal. I will NOT be forced to buy private insurance from the crooked cartels. I will NOT allow my wages to be forced into padding some millionaire CEO's ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Yesterday Ezra had a post on the public option that struck an odd chord : For all that,
by Joan McCarter
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The White House is still pushing an excise tax on high value insurance policies as a funding mechanism for healthcare ...
by Joan McCarter
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Here's a very important article in the New York Times that needs to be read to understand why the excise tax is a hugely ...
by slinkerwink
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We had a very frank conversation with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on The Young Turks . We talked about whether it makes sense to ...
by Cenk Uygur
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The American people are in favor of the Public Option. They support long overdue reforms of the healthcare system to increase competition, implement much needed regulation, increase system ...
by Norm in Chicago
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House Democrats don't get caught up. Think this through. Don't get caught in the Senate Democratic trick bag.
by icebergslim
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I want to put to a wider audience a question that came up last week during the excise tax debate. It’s a question I feel cuts to the heart of the debate, and one that this site does not have ...
by Norm in Chicago
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Over the last few decades the US has pushed hard for the creation of international trade bodies such as the WTO. the WTO's function is eliminating trade barriers, barriers that, for example, ...
by Andiamo
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The Context: Millions Losing Employer Provided Health Benefits, Jobs, as Small Businesses Reel from Premium Hikes "As health insurance companies raise rates to drive off customers with ...
by Andiamo
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I think we all need to see what could happen when our leaders volunteer all of our money to guarantee the "gambling debts" of the power elite. Disaster. And it could derail all healthcare and ...
by Andiamo
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Change is good when the way things are isn't working and the new direction is an improvement upon the old. That is true at the individual level as well as society; being open to internal change, an ...
by washunate
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The New York Times has the nitty-gritty details of the deal reached between the White House and labor unions:
by slinkerwink
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I has a bit of insomnia last night, and for some reason my thoughts drifted to the excise tax. I worried a bit about how something that is already framed as a tax on health care benefits would be a ...
by VirginiaDem
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All is not well in the state of Massachusetts, site of the pilot program for national healthcare mandate experimentation. In the last year, SMALL BUSINESS premium hikes have risen 20-45% ...
by Andiamo
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A deal has been reached between Union leaders and the White House about the excise tax. While there is a diary out about this, it was breaking and lacked some of the details now leaking out - so ...
by nandssmith
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