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"It's Just a Few Bad Apples" , I've heard it said. "You mustn't judge the whole group by the actions of a Few Bad Apples." It's like how the old saying goes: "One bad apple don't spoil the whole ...
by quarkstomper
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For me, the Republican Party is a danger to the United States as we know it. If one were to list all of the major problems faced by the country, from deficits. debt,. wars, economic crash, ...
by TominNH
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In 2013, the so-called "left" disqualified itself by either: 1) Demanding that our political class invent cleverer excuses for not solving our social problems than the excuses they currently offer --
by Cassiodorus
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The outspoken Senator has finally seen the error of his plagiarizing ways And has hurriedly released the following statement on the subject: Although plagiarism in some contexts is considered ...
by jamess
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This guy's got moon sized balls: One day after a federal report showed that Wisconsin is creating jobs at a pace that's about half the national rate, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the ...
by Puddytat
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Look, I’ve said this before. I’ve been saying this and saying this and writing this, and look what’s changed? I wrote virtually this same piece circa Newtown—my school newspaper refused to ...
by PoisonSumac
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Caution: Trigger. The topic covered therein will include the use of sexually charged language and topics.
by GreenMother
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Who is going to do well in the Mayor's race in NYC? Otis and Evan would be interested, however, their timeline schedule does not include the current era, and by the time they reach the future, ...
by jabney
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What can I say? CAT Scan. (And I am VERY grateful for the procedure, for the hospital who said we'd work out any money things after they fix me up.)
by KAMuston
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I seem to remember a day with Europeans, collectively shared our pain and anguish over the horror of the attacks of 9-11. Those days appear to be officially over now, due to the revelations of the ...
by jamess
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As much as I've enjoyed the recent barrage of Snowden “traitor” diaires, I figured I'd toss things up a little bit to lighten the mood. Or not, depending on how you look at it, I suppose. I don'...
by DeadHead
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I've heard this used so many times that I now recognize it for what it is, conceding the argument while practicing self-denial about it. It's the best excuse to bring up when you have no better case,
by K S LaVida
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Lists are big these days here on dkos. In fact, lists are big period. How many times a day do you see headlines like, "5 Things You Should Never do at a Job Interview" or " 7 Steps to a Happy ...
by accumbens
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Oops. Cleanup on Aisle 4. The day after Johnson mixed it up with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over an attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya, Sen. John Kerry - nominated to replace her - ...
by Puddytat
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I can't do the diary tonight. It's sad, and I have no excuse, I just can't do it. But, I confess I do smile, thinking of the fine excuses John Belushi came up with, when HE could not do something ...
by BeninSC
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As we all know, the right wing echo-chamber is going into overdrive, trying to figure out which excuse to make stick, and what they tend to say is their typical garbage. The deniers tote out ...
by alphac2005
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"The problem with 'liberals' is they are ALL victims...or HAVE to MAKE everyone a victim." Someone of 'authority' actually said that to me last week. Not only did they say it to ME...they ...
by jennifervents
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When President Obama defeats Romney in a few days time, the MSM are going to have to engage in a major excuse management and damage limitation exercise, spinning the result as not really a win for ...
by Frank Schnittger
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My apologies. I haven't finished this week's sanity-smashing installment of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club, in which I talk about H.P. Lovecraft"The Rats in the Wall"s and "The Colour Out of Space". I ...
by quarkstomper
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I know, I'm guilty of it, too, making excuses for not doing something I should be doing or even that I want to do, placing imaginary obstacles in my path so I can "justify" not doing whatever. I've ...
by Noddy
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