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National media have begun to portray a “battle for the soul” within the Republican Party pitting the far right against “Jeb” Bush. In pretending that the scion of George Herbert Walker Bush ...
by Had Enough Right Wing BS
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Commentators on Foxnews say brown people should be profiled. Conservatives argue we need to throw away political correctness and say this is “Islamic” terrorism, not just terrorism. People ...
by claytoonz
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Today I am returning to Pastor Paul Chappell of the Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA, to mock his infamous anti-woman "filthy dishrag" sermon of November 14, 2014, as promised in my last War ...
by elenacarlena
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Here is a statement on a current thread about Islam that solidified for me a question I've had for some time:
by Verbalpaintball
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Cross posted from Blue Virginia This morning's Washington Post has a superb, must-read article (if you care in any way/shape/...
by lowkell
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Cross posted from Blue Virginia This morning's Washington ...
by lowkell
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The cowardly haters in the white sheets had to weigh in on the ...
by Desi
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Wow, I always knew the Conservative Mind thought intelligence was based on how light your skin was but I had no idea, they believed African Americans to be so stupid… they send faxes with stamps ...
by thinkingblue
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The Las Vegas police are trying to scare girls straight - into celibacy. And their tool is utter confusion. Really. (Includes poll.)
by maxfolger
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Finally video evidence has surfaced of Debo Adegbile's radical advocacy in action. Is it any wonder his nomination was rejected? Here he is on video clearly representing for Malcom X and trying to ...
by dieslafa X
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When you think of governments ready to fall in Europe, you probably think of Greece or Spain. Instead it is Italy that is warning of a violent insurrection . Events in Italy are turning ...
by gjohnsit
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Pope Francis is saying that fundamentalist/extremist religion is "an illness"... http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/10/21/pope-francis-right-wing-christians/ I can hear the whining already...and I ...
by old mark
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We can only imagine what the late Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, a self-described shy and withdrawn secular humanist, would think about the characters he created being co-opted by the right-wing.
by maxfolger
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What is it about the 1950s that makes the GOP want to a book a one-way ticket back for America? These revealing video clips may hold the answer.
by maxfolger
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Given the fact that the extremist Christian right has only become more vicious and frothy as their dream of ushering in an American Theocracy continues to be our American nightmare, we need the ...
by Steven Payne
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Check out this video, which has really got me freaked out! http://www.youtube.com/user/IslamNetVideo The pertinent stuff begins at 2 minutes 28 seconds. In this video, a Muslim speaker and his ...
by Moonlight Surfer
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the increasingly hardcore conservatives (i know, hard to believe) of wingnut watering hole free republic are famous for swamping online polls ( "freeping" ) to tilt them in their favor (thereby ...
by aarrgghh
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Here's something funny that I read in the New Yorker this week. It's writer Louis Menand's appraisal of what feminism was really all about: (The point of the women's movement) was to create a ...
by Bill Prendergast
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I had no idea that Ted Cruz was affiliated with the Dominionist movement, an evangelical group whose own special interpretation of the bible, especially the christian version of the Hebrew bible, ...
by old mark
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Sigh. I can only imagine the stress the President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the other sane folks in our government are going through. I feel it, as many others do. Never in my lifetime have I ...
by First Amendment
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