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Children are the same no matter where they live. The photographers who captured these images have learned this and that is why these pictures are so poignant. Please “like” on facebook if you ...
by thinkingblue
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I am 43. I have 20/20 vision as my last time getting tested about 1.5 years ago. I got no vision issues, outside of what I will explain here. I tend to sit in front of a monitor 12+ hours a day. ...
by webranding
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http://www.telegram.com/article/20111218/NEWS/112189985/1237 If you have friends or family who struggle with vision issues, there is reason to be hopeful. Medical researchers may be close to a huge ...
by Eagleye
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This evening I visited a presentation on Radical Roots at a local coffee shop cooperative. Did you know that "radical" basically means "getting at the root of something, ...
by people power granny
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I'm going to cut and paste the white house press report word for word on this one. I've only lived in tucson for about a year and a half now, but this story has hit me pretty hard. Working in ...
by Trobone
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Note that this is a photo heavy diary and many of the pictures might be a bit disturbing, but I really encourage you to work through them as they have good endings!
by cany
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Over the last several months, since late May actually, I have been confronted by a challenging conundrum affecting a critical factor in my well-being: my eyesight . I am ...
by itzik shpitzik
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This is a VERY photo-heavy diary about a very recent cat hoarder rescue. Not only does this issue have social, psycological and economic implications, it clearly has ...
by cany
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Today, Britain's ...
by MepReport
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This is a most amazing art project from the slums of Kibera, Kenya that is simply too good not to share with this community. In today’s Andrew Sullivan’s blog –
by dmhlt 66
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Extraordinary news from Russia! Vladimir Putin in a recent interview, says that he too saw letters written in John Mc Cain's eyes.
by fearaserin
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Sixty or so members of the Drinking Liberally, Charlotte chapter along with various others converged last night to watch the much heralded debate. Our expectations: a mixed bag,
by Speaktruth2pwr
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I hope you caught the first episode of The History Channel's "Evolve" last night. It was wonderful. An hour of smart, entertaining, engaging, and informative science programming. What a concept!
by anidealiveson
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I have written it over and again: Mike Huckabee is THE MOST DANGEROUS politician in our country. [now Kossacks will begin making arguments why some other politician is worse] Give my reasoning a ...
by Zacapoet
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