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Austerity has many victims, but only few creators ; even some who can't even add correctly. Pete Peterson Linked Economists Caught in Austerity Error by Mary Bottari, prwatch.org, Center for ...
by jamess
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When a Lobbyist lies in the Forest -- Does anyone heard it? If you're close enough to see the deception, you do ... Manchin says NRA told ‘bald-face lie’ to defeat gun control legislation by ...
by jamess
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From snopes.com Claim: More homicides in the U.S. are committed with baseball bats than with firearms. * FALSE . [...] However, information gathered by the FBI does not support this claim [...
by jamess
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Today, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta GA) ran an Op-Ed piece that was the typical pure drivel about Republicans having to obey the Norquist Pledge, and how Boner was sticking to his guns ...
by sboucher
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My family is 90 percent conservative, as are my in-laws, and the last 5 churches I've belonged to (which is why I keep trying to find a new one). Because of this, my Facebook feed is at least 75 ...
by James Renruojos
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So stupid. It hurts. For the fourth straight year, the Thanksgiving resolution from President Barack Obama fails to actually thank God — which is the fundamental reason why Thanksgiving is observed.
by Rusty5329
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Consumer Demand creates Jobs . Average people spending money, to buy stuff -- creates Jobs. Lowering the Top Marginal Tax Rate DOES NOT create Jobs . It simply makes Rich people richer. They take ...
by jamess
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If you had to decide to keep millions employed, and keep a important skill-set industry vital; Or let an entire industry Go Bankrupt , sold off for parts to pay the bank-rollers, -- Which would ...
by jamess
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Syria is Iran's route to the sea , for Pete's sake ... Their own port's are all so old and dusty, afterall. Besides, Iraq is so pleasant this time of year ...
by jamess
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With the Benghazi incident becoming the symbol of the Republicans last gasps for relevancy, I've been wondering just how did Mitt Romney first respond to the attacks against the US Embassy in Libya?
by jamess
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Will wonders ever cease .... A Debate Moderator actual answered factually when asked a question ... How will the Right-wing Spin-machine ever continue their fabricated story-telling if this ...
by jamess
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I can see where Glenn Kessler is coming from in his fact-checker column . At least when it comes to the President - who prefers misdirection to Governor Romney's favored tactic of repeated, overt, ...
by ConfusedSkyes
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Right about what Romney's Tax Plan will do to the Economy. A new non-partisan study says Romney's Tax Plan doesn't add up. First the relevant points about this from the first Presidential Debate : ...
by jamess
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It's all about the Math, people. Some have it. Some don't. Obama, Romney Tax Plans: A Real Case of 'Go Figure' by Associate Press, CNBC.com -- Oct 13, 2012 [...] Such critics [of Romney's Plan] ...
by jamess
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My new favorite word -- that Joe Biden put on the map for all-purpose muting of those Republican word-salad filibusters: Malarkey -- Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive. As ...
by jamess
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Mitt Romney’s corrosive culture of political dishonesty advanced closer to its goal of transforming and ultimately dominating American politics last week. We underestimated the flip flopping tool ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Given the job growth stats in this new report -- could it be the Reality is finally overtaking the GOP's usually dismissive rhetoric? Just listen to these Republican Governors tout the merits of ...
by jamess
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OK, so we have a debate in the books. I'm not going to rehash what has been rehashed hundreds of times already this morning, so let me just get to the point: There are low-information voters out ...
by XenuLives
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Mitt Romney has been talking about his 20% across the board Tax Cut plan for months now ... until tonite. Tax Cut Plan ... what Tax Cut Plan? Romney: No $5 trillion tax cut by Rachel Weiner, ...
by jamess
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Dead people are my path to victory. The AP is out with a fact-check of Mitt Romney's statements on the Libya attacks. They go with the phrase "seriously mischaracterized what had happened," which I ...
by Hunter
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