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This documentary aired last week on British television. It features Susan Pynchon ,who is challenging current SOE Ann McFall, County ...
by kimw
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(This diary is cross-posted with Contrary Brin . I strongly recommend checking out Dr. Brin's blog for ...
by Tangent101
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AB 583 , the California Fair Elections Act, is likely to have its floor vote in the California State Senate today and definitely by Sunday –
by trentinca
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I think we can all agree that something must be done about our flawed election system. The states rights folks will probably be up in arms about this, but when it comes to national elections (...
by Cyber Kat
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With all due respect to the citizens of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, how is it fair that they get such disproportionate power over the rest of us every election cycle? Why should some ...
by obietom
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The Idaho Fair Elections Act, on February 2, 2007, in the Senate State Affairs Committee failed . The seven Republicans voted NO and the two Democrats voted YeS . I ...
by CalvinLeman
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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Having organized protests against the Republican Convention, I found I had a core of activists who were looking ...
by mole333
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Markos, I respect you so much but today I must disagree with you about John Edwards and public financing. I understand your point that if they aren't giving to Edwards the funds will be diverted to ...
by bobbyd100
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What would you do if your Congressman came to you personally to ask for your help? What if the help he asked you for was to help design a program to rig an election? If you're Clint Curtis you go ...
by mole333
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I'm a politician. I admit that. I haven't been elected to anything yet, but still, I am a politician. I have been a politician for over a year now, and the more I run for office, the more that I ...
by Tony Barr PA09
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As you may have noticed, I have carefully arranged my YearlyKos duties so as to maximize my visibility while having no responsibility ...
by Adam B
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Our democracy is in danger. We must reform the way we finance political campaigns to ensure the most vibrant democracy possible. Are these statements sensationalist? I believe they are not. Is ...
by madahnuc
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Right now in the Senate, Dick Durbin has introduced the Fair Elections Now Act. This is legislation that would implement a system of public financing for candidates that wishes to run for a seat in ...
by RDemocrat
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Right now, the Senate Rules Committee is holding a hearing on S. 1285, the Fair Elections Now Act , a bipartisan bill to create a ...
by Adam B
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Cross-posted at MyDD A few weeks ago, Chris Bowers posted a diary ...
by Dick Durbin
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Our local election integrity group is working on messaging for an upcoming protest. Here's a fun diversion, to demonstrate that we're all still human.
by zappini
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Despite wide bipartisan support in the 109th Congress (with 222 bipartisan cosponsors) HR 550 was not brought to the House floor for a vote. NOW is the time to tell your Congressperson to act on HR ...
by ezdidit
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No need to blow the lid off a commonly understood political fact: Special interests use campaign contributions to pay for access to lawmakers, no matter which party, and they intend to win favorable ...
by jzaharoff
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Crossposted at The Texas Blue I love the idea of public campaign financing. I love the idea of making the candidate ...
by George Nassar
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Today Sen. Dick Durbin introduces a landmark bill to bring Maine- and Arizona-style public financing reform to the U.S. Congress. His Fair Elections Now Act, which is often known as “Clean ...
by jzaharoff
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