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Tonight's guest on The Daily Show is Fareed Zakaria and the panelists on The Nightly Show are Alex Wagner , Keith Robinson , and Dan Soder .
by pgm 01
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by Egberto Willies
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Tonight's guest on the Daily Show is Elizabeth Warren . On The Nightly Show tonight it is Spandex night with panelists Fareed Zakaria , Anya Kamenetz , and Kurt ...
by pgm 01
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As Dick Cheney and the usual suspects circle the wagons to defend the Bush Torture Team, one its most notorious members has been particularly active in rhetorically waterboarding the Senate ...
by Jon Perr
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I started watching Fareed Z.'s GPS on CNN early in the Ukraine crisis, and the expert panels seemed more rounded, and his presentation and questions of political reality impressed me as perhaps the ...
by oddmike
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Fareed Zakaaria's GPS program aired an interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today: I could not find a way to upload the interview clip (1min16sec,) but you can see it HERE I ...
by SeaTurtle
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Tonight's guests are Fareed Zakaria on The Daily Show and Elon Musk on The Colbert Report. Fareed Zakaria is a journalist and host of CNN's ...
by pgm 01
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This post follows from President Obama suspends U.S. participation in G-8 preparation in 90 minute call to Validimir Putin which contains updates through midnight last night.
by HoundDog
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Thursday’s Colbert Report taping cancelled after death of Stephen Colbert’s mother [http://www.third-beat.com/2013/06/13/thursdays-colbert-report-cancelled-after-death-of-stephen-colberts-mother/
by TiaRachel
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I have little tolerance for Fareed Zakaria and his pseudo-academics but the lies on the Keystone were coming Fast and Furious today.
by JML9999
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Gearing up for Zero Dark Thirty's chance at an Oscar tonight, CNN's favorite foreign policy wonk cum plagiarist has been interviewing a Bush-era torture apologist about "enhanced interrogation." ...
by arainsb123
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Before we can ever expect any real and meaningful tax reform, first we will need congressional reform. But before congress can be reformed, congress must first reform the federal election and ...
by Bud Meyers
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In a missive titled “White Paper: Financial Risks of Investments in Coal,” As You Sow concludes that coal is becoming an increasingly risky investment with each passing day. The fracking boom ...
by Steve Horn
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is the title of this Washington Post op ed by Fareed Zakaria., who begins: As President Obama has surged in the polls, Republicans have been quick to identify the problem: Mitt Romney. Peggy Noonan ...
by teacherken
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and is it justified. I've been reading the articles about the claim of plagiarism, and more importantly the comments, thousands of them in magazines from Atlantic to the New Yorker, and newspapers, ...
by arodb
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Fareed Zakaria has been suspended from Time Magazine and CNN for plagiarism. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/aug/10/fareed-zakaria-time-cnn-...
by Wendys Wink
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Interesting thoughts from recent piece by Fareed Zakaria...
by Superpole
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Get real, America! Becoming a "legal" immigrant is NOT easy! EXCERPT: As a fellow journalist and immigrant, I've always felt a connection to the issue of immigration and the plight of ...
by thinkingblue
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We need a new rallying cry. Van Jones has an idea that's not quite cooked, but suggestive. On Saturday, someone who heard Jones address a Scott Walker recall rally in Wisconsin tweeted this quote ...
by arlenegoldbard
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One thing I've noticed is a perhaps unconscious intellectual projection of what are ills when China does them but are either ignored or standard operating procedure for the US. Now China is a brutal ...
by CartoonDiablo
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