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In, Memories of Dad , Thomasina shares a Father's Day reminiscence and ponders if there really is a heaven. In How Dads Became Dads: A Pourquoi Tale , TLO™ shares the untold story of how the ...
by remembrance
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There is this 'great reveal' scene in one of the Star Wars movies (Empire strikes back), when Darth Vader finally tells Luke Skywalker the truth: " I am your Father ." This deeply stirring news, ...
by jamess
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After my father died, I found an old diary of his when I was cleaning out his apartment to vacate the premises. As the executor of his estate, it was my duty to locate anything of value and I did. ...
by Mark Lippman
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As a man that grew up around guns, Gawker's Adam Weinstein has written a great article called, " It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun ". In it, he talks about the numerous decisions that ...
by chrislrob
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How many of you celebrate your birthday within a week or so of a gift giving holiday(ie; Christmas or Mother's Day and Father's Day)? I have two siblings who's birthday's fall really close to ...
by TexDem
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Help. I'm trapped in a Person of Interest fortune cookie factory Meanwhile, Fusco and Shaw, in the course of assisting their colleagues, are separated when Simmons gets the drop on the former. ...
by annieli
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The responsibilities of fatherhood have increased! Maybe you have not noticed? The planet we are leaving to our children and theirs is full of abuse. We all share in it. No one is without ...
by don mikulecky
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Father's Day is today... and for me it is one of those bittersweet kind of days. My dad is still alive, and I've called him to say "Happy Father's Day!" I love him... but our relationship is... well,
by mommyof3
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For my friend, Mark E. Anderson and all those who miss or mourn their Fathers today.
by ruleoflaw
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Today my 8 year old son gave me one of Bill O'Reilly's "history" books, the one about the Kennedy's, for Father's Day. :/
by aisb23
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Violet, Mark, and George Andersen in better times (and Pixie, how can I forget her). This is my 13th Father's Day without a dad and my 13th Father's Day as a dad. When my dad, George Andersen, ...
by Mark E Andersen
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Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is going on with you. Today is Father’s Day and I am thinking ...
by michelewln
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I try every day to be for Michelle and my girls what my father was not for my mother and me. And I’ve met plenty of other people—dads and uncles and men without a family connection—who are ...
by Susan Gardner
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Happy Father's Day to that father in the NSA. We know you are there. You're a human with a conscience. It has not been stolen from you. You may've compartamentalized it in order to get along, but ...
by catilinus
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They might be two different holidays celebrated on two different dates, but Father’s Day and Labor Day certainly have similarities. And you might want to keep that in mind when you purchase any ...
by regroce
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Last weekend, Sara R posted the last diary in the Spring, 2013 edition of the full Kos Katalogue - and yes, as far as I know, this is the last edition of the Kos Katalogue until the winter holidays. ...
by Aji
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He'll treasure a sterling belt buckle for all his life. This one is called "Sunburst Sky" by Wings , $485 plus shipping. It can be hard to shop for Father's Day -- but here are some ideas that ...
by Sara R
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Uh-oh! It looks like there was a slight oversight tonight, leaving a hole in the Top Comments schedule. So follow me below the fold for a somewhat bland diary...and tonight's tops! But First, A ...
by Chrislove
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This is a day that kind of leaves me with no one to dote over. It's Father's Day. My Father passed away nearly 14 years ago, and I'm just about to be divorced from my husband. So while I hear ...
by people power granny
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Today we celebrate fathers and wish Happy Father's Day to fathers from the majestic purple mountains, to the fruited plains, to thine alabaster cities and from sea to shining sea! With a ...
by jillwklausen
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