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My diary here begins in unusual circumstances -- I'm here in Florida, dealing with all the minutiae that attend the death of your parent. There's a lot to deal with, even in the case of someone who ...
by Cyberwizard
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Here is a short test of your sexism: If you want your son to always have a job, encourage him to train as a home health aide. His greater physical strength is a tremendous advantage. Personal Note:
by Redstocking
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Today we celebrate fathers and wish Happy Father's Day to fathers from the majestic purple mountains, to the fruited plains, to thine alabaster cities and from sea to shining sea! With a ...
by jillwklausen
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There are some wonderful Father's Day diaries on Daily Kos. Some have been recognized by Community Spotlight , others by hitting the Rec List , and going through the Recents (at noon Pacific on ...
by Cali Scribe
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My father died three years ago this month. The 18 months he spent with us, as we attempted to care for him as he suffered from Parkinson’s, COPD and Alzheimer’s, were the second worst time in ...
by irishwitch
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( National Partnership for Women & Families ) A new report by ...
by Laura Clawson
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Honoring: Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Mother’s Day Joining Forces Honors Military Moms May 10, 2012 - First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden host a Joining Forces Mother’s Day ...
by jimstaro
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The CARD Act went through a big brouhaha when it first came up a few years back. It passed anyway, in May 2009, and since then it has flown almost entirely unnoticed under the radar, economically ...
by LaraJones
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I was a child when abortion became a legal medical procedure in the UK where I grew up. My parents had full access to birth control, possibly a little earlier and easier than most folks their age ...
by LimeyExpatDave
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TACOMA, Wash. - More than a thousand people mourned the deaths of Charlie and Braden Powell at a public funeral Saturday, nearly a week after the young boys' father killed them and himself in a gas-...
by Anton Bursch
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I kind of feel like I want to write this all out, and since this blog is anonymous and no one who would be able to figure who I am out would ever read this, I think this is the perfect venue. This ...
by sujigu
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My father died a week ago. He died quietly, in his sleep, in the home he built, with his family at his side. Just as he wanted. But it is not his death I write about. It is his life. A life made ...
by BobBlueMass
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We, all, have those days that we mark on our calendars to reflect on something or someone. Whether we do so to honor or simply remember is usually up to each individual to decide upon. As a Nation, ...
by JMoore
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It's the play-offs and at this time of year I always find myself wishing I could watch a game on TV with my Dad. He loved baseball and because he was my hero, I loved it too. In his later years, ...
by Thomasina
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by Bcgntn
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I thought that today would be a very fitting day for such a topic. The list contains songs about or mentioning dads or fathers. I know some of you might have others I did not include, please feel ...
by BFSkinner
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This is about one of my stepfathers, now deceased.
by Miep
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Just saying. I have to do this.
by Miep
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he says she's one day closer to better...
by postmodernista
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It isn't easy to look back on one's life and be really honest about it. But after reading James Jones' story last week about kids bullying his daughter, I couldn't help but come clean. The fact is, ...
by GoldieTaylor
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