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Most of the time people want to speak to their government about the decisions being made – Most of the time we don’t get a chance Here is a chance to have your voice heard. The FCC – your ...
by MNDem999
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The City of Seattle is having multiple multiple orgasms over the possibility of a pro-basketball team in Seattle. That's all there is on the news locally. It sounds like the deal will cost half a ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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In 2008 the Fucking Fucksters diddled away my 401K, fucking gaming it away on Fucking Wall Street. But they weren't satisfied with that and I fucking had to bail out the Fucking Fucksters after ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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What's one way to grab the attention of a company? Stop buying. And speaking of boycotting, if you’re wondering what companies are still sponsoring Rush Limbaugh, below is a list of 25 Limbaugh ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I’m putting this out there as much to elicit other viewpoints (if they exist) as I am to let the community know about this eye-opening, Naked Capitalism must read from Roosevelt Institute fellow [...
by bobswern
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Here in "the Innovation Capital of the World", as Mayor Lee recently described San Francisco , the largest private art school in the U. S. has unveiled a vibrant new digital tool to make the pages ...
by CALinnovates
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By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship Until now, this hasn't been the best year for media mogul Rupert Murdoch. For one, none of the Republicans who'd been on the payroll of his Fox News Channel -- ...
by Bill Moyers
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I just spoke with Kalia's* mother this morning. Here is the story. Her Mom cannot afford the high-cost and additional fees of phone calls to allow her daughter to speak with her incarcerated ...
by appalachia
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It's getting very close to closing time for Rush. Now, after the election, and smack into the holiday shopping season, Limbaugh sponsors are running for exits like they just heard, "FIRE!" in a ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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In 2007, conservative talk radio comprised 91 percent of the talk radio spectrum. It seems that hasn't changed much, and it may be getting worse;
by Richard Myers
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Oh you can vent here ... I have been doing the bundle thing long before it was sold to us as a bundle. Internet, cable TV, VOIP. I think close to 8 years. I buy every cable channel offered. I ...
by webranding
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The Federal Communications Commission is charging ahead with plans to allow more media consolidation with a vote expected by the middle of December. This rule change seems custom made for Rupert ...
by Josh Stearns
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Wow. It's been a very long time since I posted a diary here, but I just couldn't let this go. This afternoon I passed by conservative Houston talk radio station 950 AM KPRC (aka "The 9-5-0 - Radio ...
by bustacap
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The Republicans and the right-wing Super PACs are all worried about losing their chance to retake the Senate this year and they should be. Especially in Virginia where Tim Kaine (D) has taken the ...
by poopdogcomedy
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About a half an hour ago I received a robocall on my business cellphone from this number: 202 600-2992 It's located in D.C.; no other identifying information showed up on either caller ID or in the ...
by Brainwrap
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It usually takes fresh thinking to bring about positive changes in government, and sometimes it takes fresh faces. We had a great example of that in Silicon Valley last week as Jessica Rosenworcel ...
by CALinnovates
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Republicans Block Online Disclosure Of Campaign Television Ad Spending by Adam Peck, thinkprogress.org -- Jun 9, 2012 The Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision has created a flood of ...
by jamess
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Only a month ago, Republicans were vowing to block yet another action that would help tilt democracy back in favor of the people. (You know, the non-corporate kind.) Republicans Back Down On ...
by jamess
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In April 2009, the Supreme Court held in a 5-4 decision that the Federal Communications Commission was within its legal authority to craft a policy punishing broadcasters for "fleeting expletives"��
by Adam B
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Based on extensive monitoring of Talk Radio in Milwaukee during the Scott Walker recall, which proved that Clear Channel and Journal Communications were giving about $70,000 every day in free ...
by Sue Wilson
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