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Interesting article in Politico today on how Elizabeth Warren ended Obama’s nomination of rich Wall Street banker Antonio Weiss to be Under Secretary for Domestic Finance. Warren led the effort ...
by MannyGoldstein
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Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” - A.J. Liebling My father Bob Wilson took this to heart, and bought one and started his own newspaper, the Prairie Post of Maroa, ...
by Prairie Post
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Big Wall Street Banks get a big "F" from Federal Regulators : Wall Street banks spent two years asking U.S. regulators what they should put in hypothetical bankruptcy plans to prove they aren’t “
by Seattle Socialist
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(Publishing Note: Wall Street on Parade blog co-publisher Pam Martens has provided written authorization to the diarist to reproduce their blog's posts in their entirety for the benefit of the Daily ...
by bobswern
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Just caught this concerning the 'Libor' manipulations and a number of major banks causing the failure of some three dozen U.S. banks FDIC sues big banks for alleged Libor ...
by jimstaro
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As the ...
by Ted Rall
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I am following the legal events following the take over of Washington Mutual Bank by the FDIC in 2008. The bankruptcy trial was concluded in March of 2012. DOcuments produced during the trial ...
by jbg9617
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Bloomberg has a nice look back at the most controversial element of Glass-Steagall today in an article entitled What FDR Hated About Glass-Steagall . http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-14/what-...
by shrike
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By Tim Price, originally published on Next New ...
by Roosevelt Institute
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has a nice proper accent and I didn't really absorb his statement of excessions of risk blah blah blah. His bald head is shiny and he is thin. Ina Drew showed up in a fabulously expensive get up and ...
by WheninRome
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Deutsche Bank and the FDIC have been locked in legal battle for years. Deutsche Bank is suing the FDIC for an estimated $10 billion. Cases are pending in the DC District Court and the 9th Circuit.
by Mark Lippman
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And now that I do, I am not one iota happier. But, before I tell you what I learned, let me backtrack just a bit to tell you how I happened to learn what I learned. It all started with that DKos ...
by hannah
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By Tim Price, originally published on Next New ...
by Roosevelt Institute
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In a front-page article in Monday’s LA Times (see: “[http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fdic-settlements-20130311,0,3871291.story In major policy shift, scores of FDIC settlements go ...
by bobswern
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Just a few days plus a year after approximately 100 supporters of the former Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”) working group, the now-autonomous Occupy the SEC (“OSEC”), peacefully [http://www....
by bobswern
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If by 'Valentine's Day smoochies' for FDIC, you mean this not innocuous question, raised at the Senate Banking Committee Hearing: "When was the last time you took a Wall Street bank to trial?" Over,
by Nulwee
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My mother said, “Mr. McFadden hung himself yesterday.” She was talking to one of my Aunts. I have forgotten which one now, I use to have a bunch of those, but anyway, I overheard the remark. ...
by This old man
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Romnesia is a memory malady typified by the 2012 United States presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. There are at least two types of this malady. The first type is the habitual politician's flip-flop,
by hungeski
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Nevada politics guru John Ralston has posted some big news on his blog in the close District 4 congressional race between Democrat Steven Horsford and Republican Danny Tarkanian. It would appear ...
by aisb23
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Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square. That’s right, and it was clear to everyone who opposed the pick of Tim Geithner from the start. In his testimony yesterday on the NY Fed’...
by priceman
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