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I'm an idiot, completely unqualified. But last I remember, mortgage backed securities were what were at the center of the economic meltodown of 2008, at the center of bank/mortgage company meltdowns,
by Gustogirl
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The Fed Chairman originally appointed by W Bush, Bernanke, now competes against Pres Obama for causing recent increases in private sector employment. in a major economic speech today at the ...
by nextstep
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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke seems close to having the central bank engage in "Quantitative Easing." A lot of people may wonder what in the world that means. Normally I post things more ...
by AdamWeiss
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I don’t pretend to understand monetary policy, and I don’t have an opinion one way or another on Ben Bernanke or previous Fed chairmen, but this caught my eye. I have a miniscule amount of ...
by RickinStLouis
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MF Global epitomizes what is wrong with our system, it is gamed completely to funnel wealth from individuals to the people that are "corporations" specifically financial institutions. So MF has ...
by treeuggerIT
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You saw that title, “A $200K Mortgage for $2 a Month,” and maybe you thought, “that looks like spam.” No. It’s real. And then maybe you thought, “a $200,000 mortgage? For only $2 each ...
by Alan Grayson
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1. Stance on reducing or eliminating corporate influence in politics Eliminate "Personhood" legal status for corporations. The interests of the general public and society must always come before ...
by joelado
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Where? In London. Saw only a blip about this on MSM. This is major NEWS! Why the silence in the USA about this? Fear of a bigger OWS movement maybe?
by roseeriter
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Here are links to the lists of Corporate Stocks our "esteemed" Senators and Congress Members own. See which Members are heavily invested in the banks that GOT BAILED OUT. If you haven't already, ...
by War on Error
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Banks got bailed out. We got sold out. It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. "Everybody lied like crazy."
by joanneleon
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Bloomberg is reporting in their January issue the details of ...
by Old Redneck
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I've written several diaries about this impending financial system collapse, which to me, it has been obvious for quite some time now. Some people react with anger, disbelief, or derision to such ...
by Ray Pensador
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Most of what you hear every day in the news, especially when it comes to big news, like the markets, the economy, Wall Street, the national debt here and in Europe, are outright lies and fabrication.
by Ray Pensador
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We ...
by joelado
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There is a people. They get together and form a government based on the rule of law, unalienable ...
by Ray Pensador
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The problem with these things is that every generation uses the past as prologue, in order to evaluate issues related to the rise of tyranny, fascism, and oppressive regimes. Yesterday I watched a ...
by Ray Pensador
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Last Sunday, after reading noted GOPer apologist Jason Lewis'
by TwoPuttTommy
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by joelado
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Don't you find it almost insulting by now? Insulting to your intelligence? Every time the markets go up, all the news outlets, like parrots, repeat the same inane reasons for it. Every time the ...
by Ray Pensador
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This morning as I was driving and stopped at an intersection, I noticed a middle-age woman in a car on the left-turn lane, next to me. The reason she caught my attention is because when I got to ...
by Ray Pensador
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