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Ana Baptista is on a mission to drive change. With a Masters from Brown University in Environmental Studies, a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy, and a teaching post at the New School for ...
by Marcia G Yerman
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On this date 53 years ago the US begin spraying Agent Orange over Viet Nam. Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign has the story. On August 10th, 1961, the U.S. armed forces began ...
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Vetwife's quilt top Namvetkato (Vetwife's husband, Jack) has experienced a steep decline in his health in recent months. He is confined to a wheelchair now and almost never leaves the house. ...
by Sara R
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Pineapple block, symbol of welcome and hospitality, and the center of Vetwife's quilt Namvetkato, Vetwife's husband Jack, is watching his world get smaller and smaller while he endures great pain.
by Sara R
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Enough is enough!! That Dipstick goes to the President's house, and walks out and says that the "democrat" party ........ What , he expects Pelosi and Reid to do what? Plead? How about that ...
by PeteInTx
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I have a question. I know that the U.S. allowed the use of chemical weapons in the Iran Iraq war by Saddam Hussein. In Vietnam, the U.S. used agent orange and napalm. Are these not chemical ...
by dcampbell
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TO ATTACK OR NOT: NO EASY ANSWERS, FEARS ABOUT SUFFERING First posted 9/1/2013 @ http://whenjohnnyandjanecomemarching.weebly.com/blog.html These are complex matters, and there are no easy answers.
by paulacaplan
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As we all know, Wall Street banks can screw with everything from the housing market to gas prices. But Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) and his colleagues have discovered another thing Wall Street ...
by poopdogcomedy
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An article in the Washington Post this weekend highlighted some awful actions taken by the U.S. military in order to avoid paying veterans who may have been affected by Agent Orange lingering on ...
by bluto211
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by Vetwife
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"You" being Monsanto. The title of this diary is the last line of Country Joe McDonald's "Agent Orange Song" off of his "Vietnam Experience" DVD/CD. I have written before on the fucked up history ...
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Who woulda thunk it? Today is rather a milestone for me. On this date in 1963 a tall, skinny, barely seventeen year old kid from the Bronx went down to Times Square and raised his hand, took that ...
by DaNang65
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The Illinois Department of Public Health recently invited a local farmer of raw milk to a meeting to discuss proposed restrictions on the fledgling industry. Apparently, concerns have been raised by ...
by johnnymonicker
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As part of the “ Reel Pieces ” movie series at the 92Y in New York City, Annette Insdorf hosted Jeremy Irons in a screening of Trashed . Irons, the executive producer of the film, also takes on ...
by Marcia G Yerman
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In the seaside city of Da Nang, Vietnam, a clean-up is underway to remove dioxin-contaminated soil at a former U.S. military air base. Some 8,500 miles to the east, another clean-up is underway to ...
by Jan Barry
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I worked on an Army installation for 3 years. During that time, I heard soldiers brag and laugh about killing women, about running children down in the street, about giving young children dip and ...
by khowell
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Last night I was reflecting on the year's end with some tears and cheers. I was laughing also with comments on Navajo's and Twigg's diary as it was so uplifting and then the phone rang. The phone ...
by Vetwife
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Vietnam/U.S. Agent Orange Consequences Action Plan Agent Orange consequences to be overcome by ...
by jimstaro
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I just read where Vietnam and the US in a joint effort is beginning to remove all the dioxin that was stored in DaNang for all of these years. Yes it is a bit late for so many who have succumbed ...
by Vetwife
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Back in June I wrote a diary called Maude and Me. The responses were mostly from Vet advocates. The information and detail was heartbreaking and things in 2012 are not better, but appearing worse ...
by Vetwife
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