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Should I be tall, Or can I be short? Should I be vegan, Or can I eat pork? Should I be thin, Or can I be thick? Should I stay single, Or say “yes” to Nick? Should I color my hair, Maybe blue, ...
by nene20
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My question is, are women just objects in today's society? Are they just toys? Have they become so degraded, that they, themselves even mock their own gender? Why are women who have standards, moral,
by SulleeJ
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I love trivia questions, so I wrote some to share with my dear friends and acquaintances on DKos. In the 113th Congress (convening in January, 2013), there will be 20 women and 80 men in the U.S. ...
by Dbug
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Just a teaser before MattTX comes out with the next edition of his wonderful series of Diaries. African American votes (200,766) passed Republican votes (195,719). This is early voting and ...
by NCJim
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The Akin (achin') gaffes and the many other stories of late in the War Against Women have not only put a microscope on reproductive rights for women, but raised much larger questions. "Why do women ...
by njcronk
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With her permission, I would like to make available to all kossacks and friends this great piece by Leah McElrath. It was posted on HuffPo, Piece on Huff Po But I'm not sure how many of you may have ...
by LOrion
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Be sure to follow @dailykoscomics and yours truly, @...
by Mark Fiore
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It’s a sad world we live in when innocent people are killed because of their ethnicity, color of skin, or sexual orientation. It boggles the mind how much hatred there is in this world between ...
by icarusverum
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"Having a female body was the factor most likely to render one vulnerable to being called a witch...the truth about the majority of persons accused of [witchcraft]: old, unattractive, disliked, and ...
by lisakerr
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An open letter to Oklahoma's female veterans: I'm reaching out to you to express my appreciation for your service, and to ask for your help. Our Nation often overlooks the proud tradition of women ...
by imobannon
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This article looks at the current world economy and the contributions that entrepreneurs can make. It also looks at the feminine nature of business management and systems and a networked world and ...
by stevenb
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This diary briefly provides some context into the history of non-Indian depictions of Indians. In addition, it includes the story of Mary Edmonia Lewis, the first American Indian and first African-...
by Nulwee
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cross post with Vetvoice: In 2007 I was lost. I was petrified that I was about to be deployed a mere six months after coming home. I was nowhere near mentally ready for this. I was convinced I ...
by Combat Infantry Bunny
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I quote the article's title verbatim because, frankly, I'm at a loss of words for this one.
by Element 61
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I'm watching C-SPAN and at 6:42 am, CST listening to a woman who identified herself as an Independent voter, an AA (African American) female married to a Republican and she had voted for Obama.
by Aidos
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What is a woman? As an older woman teaching younger women, I want to know, both for myself and for these young people struggling to figure out who they are and what path they will take in life. Is ...
by etenglish
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I didn't come up with the subject, instead I happened to come across it on Michael Savage's website , and I more or less ...
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Affirmation for Barack Obama I am not an alcoholic. I am not a selfish person. I am not lazy. I am not an addict. I am not a loser. I am a human being. I am a woman. I am a lesbian. I am a feminist.
by tuckatangent
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Just for a moment, try to think like a horny 72-year old man who has a thing for beauty queens and bathing suit models... and you'll quickly see that the selection of Sarah Palin has nothing to do ...
by wayne204
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We've all grown pretty used to the idea of voting for a woman president, but we're Democrats. Hillary's campaign had the benefit of a Democratic Party that was comfortable with the idea, but will a ...
by Gauch0
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