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I constantly hear politicians complaining about the imagined abuses of our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, or our 1st Amendment rights of religious freedom yet hear almost nothing about the other ...
by arky70
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Gray (poison) gold North Carolina's Department of Environment and Natural Resources fined Duke Energy $25.1 million in penalty for letting coal ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Unfortunately, this is a True Story. The names and characters have been changed to protect the Innocent, and the Guilty…..or not so Guilty. “Hey, Jethro ! How’s the Family doin’ ?” “...
by Leah Sellers
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For those here who kept asking why bankers were not jailed for manipulating LIBOR and other rates here is the answer: It was not illegal but soon will be. LONDON—Manipulating financial benchmarks,
by shrike
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Country Club Hills. The name conjures up images of gated communities chockablock with gaudy McMansions and Maseratis that sit at the end of enormous gravel driveways; places with front lawns the ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Boo hoo hoo. I was just making a cup of tea to take to work when I heard Joe bring on Michelle Caruso-Cabrera from CNBC to mourn over JP Morgan and Wells Fargo "taking a hit in profitabilites." ...
by uniqity
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Remember when HSBC got fined $1.9 Billion for laundering $7 Billion for Mexican drug cartels and $19.4 Billion for Iranian terrorist groups and a Saudi ...
by gjohnsit
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by poopdogcomedy
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FERC to impose $500 million fine on JP Morgan, $453 million on Barclays Investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co., accused of using improper trading tactics in California and Michigan, is considering ...
by Gangster Octopus
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Not content to already incarcerate a far higher percentage of their populations than anywhere else on the globe, many states of these United States are once again throwing people in jail for their ...
by jpmassar
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Hit-and-Run, Kiss-and-Tell Version: For those who like Fast News to go with their FAST FOOD/FAST WORK/SPEED DATING lifestyle, the short of it is on Friday the 13th a MN state board ...
by WineRev
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Oooh, better get the pesky CEOs to sign one of the FDA's 5-year "Integrity" agreements! $3 billion fines and agreements do not prevent Pharma from their criminal, for profit, deeds. CEO's need to go ...
by Gorette
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For more on the MN GOP fiscal scandal, ...
by TwoPuttTommy
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As if the housing crisis is not bad enough, Fannie is now going to fine servicers who ARE NOT foreclosing! Yes, that is right if your local servicer does not foreclose on you they get a big fat fine.
by Angry Convert
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Is it time for the United States to break British Petroleum? It is within the power of the government to do so in a lot of ways, but with all big moves there are going to be serious consequences. ...
by Something the Dog Said
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By now more or less everyone is aware that there has been a disastrous mining accident in West Virginia this week. There are many people dead, and at the time this is written it is still possible ...
by fake consultant
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There's been a lot of whinging on this site about the current senate HC bill and its mandate that we all buy insurance or be forced to pay a fine. Some have called it a bailout of the insurance ...
by zeiben
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After months of silent, closed door negotiations between the holy trinity (the executive branch, the congress, & the health care industry), we stand on the brink of health insurance reform.
by debbierlus
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Three cheers to Cong. Raul Grijalva and Cong. Lynn Woolsey, co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, for not backing down in the face of intense pressure. The NEW LETTER they ...
by Vtdblue
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I am ArtemisBSG, I am a 39 year old cancer survivor who cannot get health insurance from ANYONE or afford out of pocket costs. My hopes had rested on the lawmakers to do the right thing and offer a ...
by ArtemisBSG
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