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CO: O+4 NH: O+5 PA: O+5 IA: O+6 NV: O+6 WI: O+7 MI: O+8 MN: O+8 NM:O+10 Look at those states. Look at the margins in those states. Look at the demographic shifts in those state. Look at the ...
by Sloth
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The subtitle of this diary is "We Must Come Together On This Now" The decision by liberal activist organizations and blogs to bypass the Medicare for All endeavor, would be slightly less ...
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A Seattle-area doctor and medical researcher has written an article " Facts” About American Health Care ...
by Andiamo
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Okay, it looks like the public option folks have their work cut out for them, explanation wise. It just doesn't make sense to me. I've been reading these plans and I see a LOT of gotchas, compared ...
by Andiamo
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Silly me, I thought the Olympics opening ceremony was today. I guess I was wrong.
by Toddlerbob
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On a conference call today, Clinton advisors revealed their new strategy to retake control of the campaign and put Clinton back on her inevitable march to victory.
by PatrickBradish
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Senator Clinton Introduces Ground-breaking Legislation Aimed at Redefining the Electoral Map.
by Eagleye
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In the latest bad news for Hillary in her firewall state, the latest poll from SurveyUSA show Obama continues to gain on Hillary in Ohio. Hillary is now leading Obama only by 6% pts after leading by ...
by Jr1886
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This spreadsheet of the Obama campaign that was leaked out has given me endless hours of entertainment. It’s ...
by jalby
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In the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama's South Carolina triumph, the Clinton campaign predicted victory on February 5, listing three "firewall" states: California, New Jersey, and New York. ...
by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA
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