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Oops. Relevant to Mitt Romney engineering his 2011 tax returns to show an ostensibly more presidential tax rate, Salon reminds us of this lovely gem:
by Scott Wooledge
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I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but Mitt Romney is making it hard for me to do my job. You see, as the primary editor of and contributor to the Markup blog for the NRDC Action Fund, one of ...
by Heather TaylorMiesle NRDC Action Fund
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Yesterday, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney waded into the “current” Congressional battle to clean up power plants, taking the side of industry over public health . It is a sad day on a ...
by Heather TaylorMiesle NRDC Action Fund
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What’s that sound? It’s the frantic flailing of a grounded GOP fish: flip flop, flip flop, flip flop. Republicans revel in casting themselves as the principled party. They claim they’re the ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Do you want to see Mitt Romney get Mic Checked today in Iowa? I have the video right here! But first . . . The Good: Remember that memo that leaked out of Wall Street a ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Part of the reason the Occupy movement exists and are out in the streets is because of the massive failures of this Democratic administration and a Democratic Congress. This can't be denied. However,
by priceman
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Sen Obama needs to start defining Sen McCain as a flip flopper before he misses the opportunity. Sen Obama has millions of Sen Mccain flip flops to point out. I see something developing McCain will ...
by FLS
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For weeks now, I have read the liberal rantings of the leftwing propagandists who infest this site trying to diminish the sheer political genius that is...John McCain. And for weeks I have waited ...
by Megatron
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Whatever the audience, he's the Dancing Bear to make them laugh and like him.
by vegasj
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So, the RNC is up in arms over the 100 years war ad?
by Thucydides Junior
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Recently, someone posted a film clip of Mitt Romney's debate with Ted Kennedy , challenging hime for his Senate seat. Romney lost, of course, but decided to remain ...
by sternsieger
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by topazpilot
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by Armando
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by DrForbush
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