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Cross-posted from Blue Downstate Remember the last time the Democratic nominee lost a presidential election? That was in 2004, and the Democratic nominee in that year’s presidential race was John ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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From one admiring flip-flopper to another, Mitt Romney to Chris Christie ...
by Jed Lewison
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Pretty funny . . . if it weren't so scary! http://johnsvor.blogspot.com/2012/11/mitt-romney-debates-mitt-romney....
by JPE Voice of Reason
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http://alittlenuance.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/whatever-you-want-me-to-say-ill-say-it/ For the last ten years or so, those of us who pay attention to the world and follow politics have taken note of ...
by Alezmendi
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Romnesia is a memory malady typified by the 2012 United States presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. There are at least two types of this malady. The first type is the habitual politician's flip-flop,
by hungeski
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Memo#2 As I mentioned before in Memo#1 The U.S was sinking like a ship in 2007, the president stabilized the ship and now he’s ready to sail forward with a stronger and more productive country!
by markalan
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Buoyed by news that unemployment claims declined in most or all of the battleground states, President Obama took off the gloves today at a George Mason University rally. More below the orange cloud-...
by Donkey Underpants
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The Setting: late 2011-early 2012 -- Repubs were busy hashing out who would be the GOP presidential nominee. Mitt Romney was beginning to peak despite conservative Republicans feeling he was too ...
by seishin
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As with the 49% Romney had been flip-flopping all over the place about Abortion rights. Here is the latest from the man himself. Clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of ...
by mintosh
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By now, we've all seen videos showing Mitt Romney flip-flopping. The RoboRomney is unique in that you can tailor the video compilation to match your political & social beliefs. Are you for ...
by seishin
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Here is what's being touted as John McCain's 2008 200-page opposition research file on Mitt Romney (segments were originally posted in late 2011 on the conservative blog RedState.com .) Here are ...
by seishin
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Understandably, the Obama campaign made a strategic decision months ago to portray Romney as an extreme conservative, who was doubling down on Bush's failed policies, rather than as someone without ...
by Gideon
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Once again, posting for dear old Dad. He’s 76 so I handle the posts for him even though he was at the forefront of computer programming in the 60s! He still regrets the loss of the punch card… ...
by bwaybaby
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Hollee Crap Dingle. I shit you NOT. http://www.alan.com/2012/09/09/mitt-romney-flip-flops-on-health-care-again-within-six-hours-takes-back-what-he-said-this-morning/?utm_source=twitterfeed&...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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There are archives of Paul Ryan for Congress available at his Campaign Website Archive . These include archives of his issues page, although that has been scrubbed after 2006 (apparently). Still,
by UnapologeticObamaDem
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The nice people over on Reddit.com have linked to McCain's full 2008 file on Mitt Romney. Reddit thread about it: Scribd copy of it: The Google Docs version: It includes a great deal of flip-...
by jeopardydd
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As the post-Supreme Court decision dust settles, oh so many members of the GOP reveal themselves to be quite histrionic; sometimes finger-wagging in a genially Reaganesque way, sometimes sternly yet ...
by vris
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Even with four months to go until Election Day, Mitt Romney's shameless lying has already become one of the defining storylines of the 2012 campaign. Theories abound as to why Romney has emerged as ...
by Jon Perr
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Five short weeks ago, Mitt Romney's campaign released a campaign ad boasting that day one of his (imaginary) presidency he would "announce deficit reductions, ending the Obama era of big government.
by Jed Lewison
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Every oligarch is sacred. Every oligarch is great. If a tax break is wasted, Koch gets quite irate.
by thefarleftside
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