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I never thought we'd get to use this again when Mitt Romney dropped out of the 2016 presidential race: Turns out we can, as long as we solve the problem of which 2016 ...
by ericf
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Ralph Reed reassures social conservatives that Romney’s Abortion Stance Has Not Changed, in conservative rag, NewsMax, as controversy escalates over Mitt Romney's most recent duplicitous flip-flop ...
by HoundDog
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This is a brief post consisting of some home grown gags about Romney's persistant Flip-Flopping. I hope you get a chuckle or two out of what follows below the orange squiggle.
by otherwise
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It isn’t really new in the world of public relations or political tactics and not entirely new to the Romney/Ryan campaign, but it is one the very few options left to them.
by FloridaRedneck
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I suppose this was inevitable - credit Alec MacGillis of TNR for ferreting it out: Curiously overlooked, though, is just what a shift this rhetoric is from the approach that Romney took on the ...
by SantaFeMarie
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Ads like this DNC video on Mitt ...
by Jed Lewison
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A pattern has emerged in the ongoing saga that is the Borat, er Herman Cain campaign. Basically, Pizza Man TM takes an outrageous position, then gets lambasted and reverses course, and then a day ...
by Dirk McQuigley
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Mitt Romney says it'
by Jed Lewison
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They can't even defend their own words. (Have they ever?) Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he supports a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a man and a woman, though just last ...
by nappingwiththecat
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Here in Texas, our cowboy Governor has been able to cultivate of image of unflappable confidence. “That coyote? Yeah, I shot it. Fire teachers, Nah, we won’t have to.” ...
by Back To Basics
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Oh that hair....Oh that smile...that steadfast gaze.....heh. Most of all because he is going to make the Republican primaries so much fun, and get the wingnuts biting themselves in the ankle. Now ...
by LaFeminista
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I am the Afghanistan Blogging Fellow for The Seminal and Brave New Foundation. You can read my work on� The Seminal or at�
by Josh Mull
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When Barack Obama sought the presidency, he pledged to reverse the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of gays and lesbians serving openly in the U.S. military. Yet on Monday, the Supreme ...
by fflambeau
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Remember the heady days leading up to the November, 2008 election? It looked to the nation like there was a clear-cut alternative to the dark days of the George W. Bush administration. The newly ...
by fflambeau
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As the GOP primary battle waged, the wingnuts including Paul Weyrich opposed McCain with all of their holy rightousness and threatened to vote third party. Who is Paul Weyrich? ...
by dkmich
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It is just the sort of parochial spending request that might lead Senator John McCain, nemesis of pork barrel projects, to give somebody an earful. The bill would direct $2 million ...
by Scarletflood
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To my pleasant surprise, the media did finally pick up on McCain's flip-flopping. It may have been the remark about "voting with Bush 90% of the time" combined with the public perception ...
by Joseph Hale
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This isn't a diary about McCain's running mate. It's about how the Bridge to Nowhere symbolizes what a McCain administration would be. It's about four more years of Bush/Cheney-style lies and ...
by margeauxtex
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McCain's approach in this election is an interesting reversal of GWB; and every time people (especially Democratic Senate colleagues) cite his flip-flops, they feed right into McCain's best ...
by Canadian Contingent
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Today, John McCain said "you will always know where I stand on an issue." That would be, in baseball parlance, a "meatball". In other words, it's a big, fat juicy slow pitch hanging up there, ...
by FischFry
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