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Well, it's the War too [4100 kids dead for an "ooppps"], but never mind that for a second. I took a little trip to CNN.com to see how I could help in an online poll. The question was going to be ...
by briefer
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All day there have been various posts reacting to McCain's veep pick Sarah Palin. We have once again lost our focus and concentrate on what's not important. We all know why he picked Palin. ...
by sweetie4obama
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by this Rovian ploy and Sarah's nomination. Look how this is distracting everyone from focusing on John McCain's record, HIS qualifications, HIS agenda. We need to stay focused....John McCain is ...
by etherapy
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I apologize for this amazingly short diary. But there are 234 diaries up about the Palin pick and what it means. Game change this, game change that. Here’s what I know for sure: John ...
by Ed G
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It's feasible that the situation over the story told by McCain regarding Crosses in the Sand is an example of errors in his memory, him absorbing things that happened not just to him but to other ...
by Chris Reeves
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With all due respect, since I have (1) been pretty neutral relative to 98% of Democrats and progressives and (2) I agree that regardless of how Clinton ran her campaign, BOTH her, Obama and each of ...
by clammyc
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In the past week, since Pennsylvania, we have seemingly gotten a bit off track. A few media worthy things happened. The Pennsylvania primary was not one of them. Hillary was expected to win all ...
by Riterzbloc
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But how quickly peace becomes war when money changers are involved. How quickly peace becomes war when greased palms and tables are turned. How quickly peace becomes mocking condension.
by cabaretic
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