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As part of my google newsfeed, I can subscribe to stories by keyword, tailored to my interests. One of many I've followed with great interest is the Palermo Pizza workers struggle to unionize and ...
by Boberto
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As some of you may know, I'm a college professor who usually teaches science courses such as biology, environmental science, and geology. This upcoming semester, I will be stretching myself by ...
by Neon Vincent
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Don't know how many got a chance to see the documentary Food Inc., but it paints the picture pretty well.
by john de herrera
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Here in Iowa, the documentary Food, Inc. just aired on the local PBS station. I had heard great things about the film and it lived up to expectations for me. They made a very convincing case. I'm ...
by Mark27
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Cascadian Farms O’s is a favorite finger food for many parents worried about the use of corn syrup and too much sugar in General Mill's Cheerios brand. You know, that sweet little cereal that ...
by Ellinorianne
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A few weeks ago, the documentary Food, Inc. concluded its local run (local ...
by Friday Night at the Movies
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I've been quiet lately because I got stuck writing my previous post. The problem is that I have a rule of focusing on the positive. I got discouraged and found myself unable to finish it. I was also ...
by andrewmcleod
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In a previous diary , I wrote urging you to have a foodraiser wrapped ...
by Cook for Good
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I started the Cook for Good experiment as an economic investigation, but was delighted to find that cooking to save money naturally led to ...
by Cook for Good
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It is an exceedingly well-done film, but I do not intend to review it. One of the points of focus is Polyface Farm and its proprietor, Joel Salatin. As it ...
by teacherken
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by TiaRachel
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Monsanto is upset about documentary Food Inc., as Jill Richardson nicely describes ...
by Cook for Good
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by TiaRachel
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