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Are you with me? Johnny Hartman - Fools Rush ...
by NCTim
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In case you've missed having him around, Newt wants you to know he's still alive and well and tackling the BIG QUESTIONS. He's assembled a team of experts and they've "spent weeks" trying to figure ...
by koseighty
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Shin Fool - Mercury Magus - VIII and XI - Explained Years of study and contemplation have convinced me that 21 and 22 were switched because:   Letter 22 TAV is a "double letter" (ie a planet) ...
by Fulgour
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What high-ranking elected officials in the Republican Party need most right now is a fool. Not the kind who’s addled or stupid, but a wise fool who is allowed to take the liberty to speak truth ...
by TRPChicago
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See comments ...
by ontheleftcoast
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Tonight I have a poem celebrating my simple lifestyle. I do hope that some of my fellow baby boomers will also feel led to power down their lives once the kids leave the nest. More time for ...
by people power granny
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The European Central Bank is proposing to stress test Irish Households by gradually increasing interest rates to see at what point the majority of households break down in distress. �Ireland ...
by Frank Schnittger
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SNARK ALERT:  Daily I find myself dismayed and frustrated with what I see.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that my complaint, "preaching about the sin of pride doesn't inoculate against hubris", ...
by Hualapai
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We live across the street from a Chevron refinery. It is a huge facility that covers as much space as the town itself. When we bought the building, we had to have an environmental evaluation of our ...
by mytrinkets
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I consider myself to be a live and let live type of person but I just can't take anymore of this moron Sarah Palin. Its time people in the Media step up and call her out for what she is. ...
by Draynay
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Weeks before the great stock market collapse in October 1929, proto-Chicago School economist Irving Fisher predicted that "stocks have reached what looks to be a permanently high plateau." ...
by TylerFromNE
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Ok she is a republican congress critter so we should expect it, but really they should know their own shit. I just listened to her on tweety say two things that are so stupid that she should have ...
by Bloke
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I cannot believe it! I honestly cannot believe that the polls are showing a statistical dead heat between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain . I cannot believe that we are falling for the Karl Rove tricks....
by criticalnewsjunkie
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And with all the P-what's-her-name, and all the McSame-his-name going on in my community here, can you blame me? I'm not saying you've driven me to drink. No, I take that on my own initiative.
by cn4st4datrees
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As this angry fool continues multiple attempts at instigating our anger, does it make sense for us to respond to him, or should we just stay silent and let him continue to explode with rage. Sure, ...
by Mr Magu
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You laughed at me, they all laughed at me! But who's laughing now?!?
by Skalite
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As A former Senator Clinton Supporter, I now give my support fully to Senator McCain. Senator Obama is just too out of the mainstream for America; we do not know enough about him; his ties to ...
by arrowhead
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Good ...
by dirtdawg
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by Nordic
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