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The American Petroleum Institute has produced a series of radio, print, video and web ads aimed in order to, "urge the Obama administration to keep the current ozone standards rather than ...
by earthyrobot
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If you think the benefits of Fracking and US Domestic Fossil Fuel Drilling, in general - lowered gas prices, and maybe in the distant future less reliance on oil from the Middle East - outweigh the ...
by lizadeeza
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cross-posted at annoyedomnivore.wordpress.com For two decades farmers in California’s Central Valley have been buying water from the Chevron Kern River oil field, which is ...
by Robocop
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Californians Against Fracking just issued the following press release on a letter signed by 100 California officials calling on Governor Jerry Brown to halt the environmentally-destructive practice ...
by Dan Bacher
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It’s not necessary to love a person to find some areas of agreement and common experiences: NSA spying victims, under-employment, unregulated Wall Street Banker caused recession, and our First ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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Trees may be brown because of the seasons, not the air quality Researchers from Oregon have concluded that the air quality around fracking operations is bad.
by Walter Einenkel
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Dear Readers: A conservation friend of mine asked me to take a look at a posting by Matt Heffner, the student of the Title, who was critical of the ESA, our federal Endangered Species Act. I've ...
by billofrights
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Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog A recent peer-reviewed study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has confirmed what many fracking critics have argued for years: hydraulic ...
by Steve Horn
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Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued an official advisory opinion on May 5 holding that Virginia localities have the right to prohibit hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) as part of ...
by Ivy Main
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Southwest methane "hot spot" The methane hotspot reported by NASA this past October is getting science's ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Put a conservative back in the White House and here is what we will do to take back this country for you, the people. This agenda will restore the proud dignity of our governmental institutions and ...
by Wilburhorse
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Gas fracking has be estimated to release much more methane than previous gas industry claims. The worst offender for Methane releases in the US is probably the natural gas field in the Four Corners ...
by Lefty Coaster
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What about this gas tank's rights???? Because it wouldn't be the Lone Star State if there weren't oil and natural gas dripping from the ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Over the last decade, Pennsylvania has emerged as a powerhouse when it comes to drilling and pumping and making money off of natural gas— ...
by Walter Einenkel
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I wrote a long response to an article over at Slashdot about the ridiculously overblown fracking industry PR response to the recent discovery of an instance of fracking chemical contamination in ...
by grumpynerd
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Yummy! Mmmm, mmmm! Nothing like a nice, cold glass of chemicals to wet your whistle: An analysis of ...
by Jen Hayden
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A lot of things about Beverly Hills billionaire Stewart Resnick, owner of Paramount Farms, and his wife, Lynda, are well-known. Environmentalists have castigated the Resnicks, the largest orchard ...
by Dan Bacher
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by Pakalolo
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I've been working on this Florida issue, so happy to spread the news that even in Florida with enough work and fantastic allies we can accomplish the almost impossible. How we did it was with ...
by VL Baker
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A recent study published in the prestigious journal Science shows that the fragile ecosystems of the West have suffered extensive damage as a result of increased drilling for oil and gas. This ...
by Steven D
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