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Spelling Disaster I've been moping around the house all weekend, lamenting the fact that I don't have the enough buying power left on my debit card to snatch up two tickets to an ...
by wbramh
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Hah! The man involved in the plane altercation with Mitt Romney on Tuesday is a well-known person in his own right and, if the accounts read correctly, has a different version of the facts.
by ksh01
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I want to keep this as brief as possible: I had a flight from Chicago to D.C. today. None of the draconian regulations being shrieked about were in effect - no pat down, no double x-ray, no being ...
by coelomate
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Our aviation system is in a panic over a terrorist attack that FAILED. Full on panic. All shoes must be removed since the shoe bomber. I suppose now that there is a pants bomber, going through ...
by brooklynbadboy
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In the latest incident of attempted terrorism on an international air flight, a passenger on Delta Flight 1013 from Lisbon to New York yesterday managed to assault the aircraft's pilot with his fists,
by dnta
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In the wake of 9/11, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a New Yorker article on the [history of hijackingshttp://www.gladwell.com/pdf/safetysky.pdf] (PDF), concluding: Can we close the ...
by Laura Clawson
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I was at the San Francisco Int'l Airport yesterday, browsing at Hudson News (newspapers, books, chewing gum concessionaires at most large airports) when I noticed that their TV was tuned to FOX News.
by CrystalClear
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I'm sitting at the Asheville Airport, waiting for my 9:45 am flight to leave. Currently the time is 11:15 am. My gripe isn't that snow has caused air traffic on the East Coast to grind to a halt. ...
by ecthompson
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this is officially sad Officials ordered nine Muslim ...
by cskendrick
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Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but there's a major problem with air travel today. Every major ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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I've been away from home for about the last week, so I haven't had ...
by Doctor RJ
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Because thats the plan apparently being considered by the Gestapo, oh, I mean Homeland Security. An RFP has apparently been drawn up and issued to Lampered Less Lethal, a Canadian firm specializing ...
by axel000
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I looked around for Diaries or stories on this, but it looks as if this somehow passed us by. Last Thursday, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) announced ...
by Laughing Vergil
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Here's a break from the silly season. As it stands the only way I can get to Austin is by air. It sucks and I'm not happy about it because there's something unseemly about flying in a potential ...
by terrypinder
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Delta Air Lines B757, in pink "Breast Cancer Awareness" livery. I've been mulling over a situation that happened at ...
by YatPundit
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Amid last week’s terrible ructions in air travel, will no one point out the part of all this that is most politically and socially significant? No, I am not referring to the stunning levels ...
by David Brin
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When you fly, which do you like better? The delays or the idiots of the Transportation ...
by Doctor RJ
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It's time once again for Sunday Funday, where I bring you funny, strange or otherwise interesting news stories. German authorities were able to track a burglar by way ...
by Archangel M
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I've been writing these diaries for awhile now. When I come up with something funny, I get a lot of nice comments. When I actually try to write about politics, everyone calls me names and says I'm a ...
by willep
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Um, hiiiii, NASA? Yeeeeah, you’re gonna have to go ahead and release that report. From the Associated Press via MSNBC.com: ...
by The Termite
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