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Nathan Phelps, Fred's son, announced his reckoning today on Facebook. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/03/15/fred-phelps-founder-of-the-god-hates-fags-westboro-baptist-church-is-...
by Chris Reeves
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A couple of weeks ago, I wondered if the vile behavior of the likes of Westboro Baptist Church may be on the verge of becoming mainstream for the religious right. After all, you had two "mainstream"
by Christian Dem in NC
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ROFLMAO! A group of New Yorkers calling themselves The Satanic Temple paid a visit to what appears to be the grave of the mother of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) founder Fred Phelps on Sunday, ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Catherine Idalette Johnston, deceased mother of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church ’s (“WBC”) founder, Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps , was officially “turned gay” on July 14 after the ...
by Elfortes
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So this blog tends to mostly cover political topics.� There are basically two flavors of those topics: Flavor number one is random political person will�say/do something so stupid, offensive�or ...
by Ticorules
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As a man, a husband and father, as a resident of this country and a member of the human race, I hold no truck with Hate Speech. If a Constitutional Amendment allows such speech, then that amendment ...
by twigg
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The moment he turned 18, Nate Phelps fled his home and his abusive father, Fred, head of the Westboro Baptist Church. That was in 1976, but even now he still bears the emotional scars. After his ...
by Purple Priestess
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I've had it up to here with narrow-minded phobics who purport to know the mind of a being they themselves claim is omniscient. In light of this week's comments by a certain smug, second-rate ...
by Crashing Vor
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I'm sorry if this has already been diaried, but I don't see it in the Community Spotlight, the Recommended List, or the Recent list. A "roving do-gooder" by the name of Aaron Jackson, 31, has ...
by Lasgalen Lothir
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I am bisexual. My family knows this. My husband knows this. Many of my friends do as well. My daughter doesn't exactly know yet, but I plan to tell her soon-- she's 11, and although I've brought ...
by MrsGeiiga
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As my profile will tell you, my name is Ash McGonigal, and I'm a filmmaker from Topeka. I'm currently working on pre-production for a documentary, The Tolerance Project . There have been a lot of ...
by Geiiga
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Yesterday, nearly 1,000 people filed silently through the Municipal Auditorium in Slidell, LA to pay last respects to Marine Sgt. Michael Guillory of Pearl River (whose passing was respectfully ...
by Crashing Vor
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Extreme right-wing personalities have become so prevalent and so powerful that they now – for the first time in history – hold an unrivaled amount of influence within the GOP. This scares me. ...
by Paddy Ryan
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It's very simple: Rush Limbaugh, as a citizen of this country, has the right to speak his mind. He has the right to his beliefs and his political views. He has the right to mock public figures ...
by Julie Waters
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Fred Phelps successfully parlayed his threat to picket the funerals of the Powell boys, ages 5 and 7, into a radio appearance. Fred Phelps Jr. later said the group would not protest if the group ...
by Bob Love
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Let's see, it's a high-profile, world-reknowned, incredibly brilliant visionary who represented some of the best talent that mankind had to offer. And guess how they *announced* their plans to ...
by Brainwrap
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Directed by Kevin Smith Starring John Goodman. Yeah, that John Goodman . Dude, I shit ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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The marriage equality law in New York came into effect at midnight. Eight hundred and twenty-...
by indiemcemopants
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The following article is from a regular contributor, Lex Kahn, to The Solipsistic Me (TSM) Blog. Lex post a word of the week every Wednesday. Today’s word is: CONSEQUENCES the outcome of an event ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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Good old-fashioned zombies have the innate sense to know that they need brains to survive. Hater zombies, however, do not have this sense. So, what do they seek out in order to survive? Each other.
by Desi
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