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As we all (well, most) struggle to make ends meet in a bleak economy, it's good to know that there are failed millionaire presidential-hopeful blowhards who can't wait to wag their finger at us for ...
by tightlines
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Pride, patriotism, "Obamamania", or whatever you call it; it's coming to the nation's Capitol. Numerous stories have been reported in recent days of the struggle to find a place to shack up in D.C.
by Setrak
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Note: I'm the author of Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest , but I'm not part of the Obama campaign. Nothing has harmed Barack Obama's candidacy for ...
by JohnKWilson
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by electronicmaji
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Fred Thompson is probably the most anticlimatic political figure in the last fifty or so years. He was heralded as being the candidate who would be the last best hope for the Republican party this ...
by Seeking Adlai
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Hopefully you got a chance to watch the Best F&$#ing News Team...Ever! That name may have been meant as a joke, but certainly no MSM news team got to the heart of the Repug hypocrisy and evilness ...
by Gangster Octopus
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Well, the Republican convention is finally over, and it has taught us many important things. For example, were you aware that Senator John McCain was a prisoner of war? I shit you not. It's ...
by karateexplosions
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So now we see it clearly. The old politics of fear, leavened by the well-tested politics of smear, now morphed by the "new-and-improved-Republicans-of-change" into the politics of ...
by hummingbird4015
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As a background for those that don't know me, I'm pretty progressive in my beliefs, but I'm not a pacifist, I am not allergic to money, and I'm a small business owner who previously was a work a day ...
by TexasDemocrat
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This is great. 37 Million people tuned in to watch a disaster. People on the outside looking it were not only shocked by how this woman they didn't know was so biting, shrill & sarcastic, but then ...
by Junglered1
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I wrote a diary yesterday about Sarah Palin's 'loose lips' re: her son's deployment. Perhaps I should have waited a ...
by anabelle
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Nothing is more wrenching, more emotionally volatile than the story of prisoners of war, no matter what the country or the cause: the torture they endure (or endured), and the mind-numbing horror of ...
by Valtin
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Ok, I didn't watch the Republican convention speeches in real time; I get up at about 4 am each morning. But I did catch two of the speeches on youtube. And I'll admit it: I enjoyed Fred Thompson'...
by onanyes
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Country First John McCain, George Bush and related Republicans get their propers for truncating their National Convention rituals as Hurricane Gustav threatened the gulf coast, particularly New ...
by SRose
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by Professor Smartass
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By Zenprise from Eyes on Obama: If you could bear to watch the de facto opening night of the Republican Convention, you would ...
by eyesonobama
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Has anybody asked the simple question of why the Republicans weren't as supportive as they are now toward the truly "maverick" Senator John McCain -- just 8 years ...
by cscmm
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Free John McCain! Are Republicans holding McCain hostage? When in doubt Republicans seem willing to continue the repetitious flogging & torture of POW McCain, until they see the polling results ...
by tippingpoint08
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Former congressman Fred Thompson was lying outright when he talked of the time John McCain spent as a POW. While we shouldn't disparage McCain's service, I believe that for the security on our ...
by One Citizen
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While watching Fred Thompson address the RNC last night I took a few notes about what I learned: McCain's VP pick thinks that since Alaska is the physically largest state it is the most ...
by webranding
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