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Chris Mathews has facilitated the dumbing down of the American public for many years.
by Only Me
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Seeing as Opt-Out Day is coming up, and seeing as there are presumably going to be some very long lines at the airport (it being the day before Thanksgiving, and the airports are already overloaded ...
by Tyrenon
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By Danielle Riendeau, Online Communications Coordinator, ACLU of Massachusetts If you've traveled through Boston's Logan airport lately, you'll surely have noticed a few changes ...
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From Restore Fairness blog In a recent USA Today poll ,
by Lets Breakthrough
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By Jay Stanley, Public Education Director, ACLU Technology & Liberty Program In his remarks yesterday President Obama seemed to address some of our arguments for why mass ...
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In the wake of the Christmas Day plot to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight, one passenger set off a media sensation that will once again lead America down the path of fear, not to mention an extensive ...
by mishal817
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I just read the this article on CNN.com and it scared the shit out of me. http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/12/02/airport.security/index.html "Brain fingerprinting" technology now exists, and voice ...
by Turn VABlue
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Foxsucks81 wrote about Barak Obama helping a stranger many years ago: The Norwegian newspaper VG has ...
by trikmc
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The Norwegian newspaper VG has reported a truly amazing story about a newly-wed trying to get to Norway ...
by foxsucks81
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I wrote this for Off the Bus The fact that Republican candidate for vice president Sarah ...
by DemocraticLuntz
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Given last week's dire predictions, has your holiday travel turned out so uneventful, that even Benizar Bhutto is suggesting you need to get out more? Long for the good old ...
by Roger Burke
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My luggage was opened and searched last time I was at an airport. How about you? SSSS - Are you one of us... yet? Secondary Security Screening ...
by mrcoder
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