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(Bain Capital/Boston Globe) The reason why Mitt Romney and his defenders in the press do not want to talk about Bain Capital's brand of "business" is because it strikes at the very heart of Mitt ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Inquiring minds should want to know. What is a Leveraged Buyout? wisegeek.com A leveraged buyout is a tactic through which control of a corporation is acquired by buying up a majority of their ...
by jamess
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Oh if only Corporate Raiders, ruled the world ... They would fix everything! They would "fix-it" good. Largest private equity firms -- wikipedia The following is a ranking of the largest ...
by jamess
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From Mitt's latest 'Morning in GOP America' spiel ... Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks: " Freedom and Opportunity " by Mitt Romney, mittromney.com -- March 30, 2012 Romney: [...] One must ask ...
by jamess
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The way you beat the greedy pigs that run Washington is not by a gross message but by small little battles to bring local awareness to the community. I have started emailing those who are nearest ...
by NMDan
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Still image from ...
by Jed Lewison
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"Greed is good" Isn't that what Representatives of Raw Capitalism like you tell us? That Greed motivates us to raise our goals and shoot for the moon, and when we succeed, everyone around us ...
by fastpathguru
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by Bcgntn
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I've been following with interest the peculiar Bizarro World of Republican politics, that weird, topsy-turvy world in which one of the classic Republican blowhards of the last thirty years -- the ...
by Dale
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by Something the Dog Said
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I was reading ...
by Zera Lee
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Here's the latest episode in my saga about occupy activists living in London. This animated series is meant to be a satirical take on current events. It is an attempt to ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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At present our country is in a state of total economic stagnation because of the ominous concentration of wealth in the hands of a very few, which kills innovation in the rest of the population. ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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I found a link to this post over ...
by The Gimp
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I know I promised some that this diary would be on another topic, but this is a bit more urgent, so please be patient with me. The title of this diary says it all: Michigan Republicans have ...
by RfrancisR
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Republicans in the House and Senate unanimously agreed today to raise the debt ceiling for one-time only, if Democrats agreed to support these ten common-sense reforms:
by Mayfly
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Corporations are accomplishing their goal of shriveling government to the point of ineffectiveness so “enterprise” is “free” to run rogue. Now with their purchased politicians, including ...
by Leo W Gerard
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We are a corporate controlled country. Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, and Corporatist Democrats have pretty much relinquished our governance to our corporations. The Supreme Court’s Citizens ...
by Egberto Willies
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President Obama promised hope and change. Hope and change is still unrealized but in progress. Unfortunately it is impossible that 30 years of policies that inherently undermined the American ...
by Egberto Willies
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I signed up to get a daily blurb from Salon via email about what's currently up on their site. Today's entry quickly led me to some articles with more than a ...
by xaxnar
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