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On Earth Day, President Obama stated that the earth is "the only planet we got." Obama was apparently unaware of the fact that there are millions of earth-like planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy, ...
by TimothyHorrigan
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Some of the very most interesting political leaks aren't the illegal acts of crusading disaffected insiders. Rather, they're simple boneheaded misjudgements, made in haste and repented at long ...
by DocDawg
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A decade ago Governor Craig Benson of NH invited the Free State Project to come to our state and take over our government and make us into a libertarian paradise, and even perhaps our own country! ...
by bloomingpol
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In a trailer...down by the river! (Left): Aaron Day, chairman and founder of Stark360 PAC and chairman of The Free State Project (FSP). (Right): one of the FSP's more high profile members, attending ...
by DocDawg
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How many of you have shared CopBlock memes on your Facebook pages? Their memes are usually focused on police violence or authoritarian overreach - things that folks like us are concerned about. ...
by susanthe
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I write a bi-weekly column for the Conway Daily Sun newspaper in New Hampshire. This is my latest:
by susanthe
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The Free State Project is a group of armed libertarians that are moving en masse to the state of NH with the stated goal of taking over and dismantling the state government, then threatening to ...
by susanthe
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This is my latest column for the Conway Daily Sun newspaper in New Hampshire. Does Concord, NH - a city of approximately 40,000 need an armored LENCO BearCat? Why aren't more of us concerned about ...
by susanthe
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They tried. They really tried. Despite all of the efforts of the last state legislature, NH only came in third place in a recent Mother Jones story about the worst state legislatures. Tennessee and ...
by susanthe
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This was published in the November 8, 2012 edition of the Conway Daily Sun newspaper in Conway, NH. I've written a regular opinion column for the rather right leaning Sun for 15 years, proving yet ...
by susanthe
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I wrote this diary for Blue Hampshire , so I will need to fill in some blanks for people who live in other states that aren't the target of ...
by bloomingpol
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One of my friends got a bee in her bonnet about the repeal of our participation in our regional greenhouse gas program, RGGI , and in the process started ...
by bloomingpol
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For 30-some years, maybe more than 40, depending on where one draws a line; that's roughly how long we have been inundated with the non-stop barrage of now-failed conservative ideologies, beliefs, ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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by LoganFerree
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