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If people understood the trade deficit and the harm it does, they would demand that our politicians do something to fix it. And if that happened great things would happen for working people and our ...
by davej
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This week 40 groups—many of them focusing on rural and community-based responses to climate change— wrote Congress calling for the rejection ...
by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
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On Tuesday evening, February 17, the Richmond, CA City Council in an almost unanimous vote passed “ A Resolution Opposing the Fast-Track ...
by PDA
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Democratic members of Congress need to stiffen their spines and, when it comes to vote on fast-tracking consideration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, they must say no to President Obama. ...
by jcullen
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A mock-up of the Citybridge consortium's wi-fi kiosk in New York. Alex Marshall at Governing the States and Localities writes NYC��
by Meteor Blades
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I'm imagining a girl in Bangladesh who made my athletic shorts. I'm imagining a man in Pakistan who made the slacks I wear to work who's trying to feed his family. I imagine a poor young man in in ...
by Rikon Snow
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It is no secret that tobacco company Philip Morris is indifferent to the health of its customers, and has been for many decades. Back in 1953, when the carcinogenic nature of tobacco was first ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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Derek Thompson at The Atlantic writes The Typical Millennial Is $2,000 Poorer Than His Parents at This Age . There's a good interactive map at the link.
by Meteor Blades
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Scene from Brooks Range in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Ben Adler at Grist writes Obama ignores ...
by Meteor Blades
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Dave Johnson at the Campaign for America's Future writes Let’s Take Apart The Corporate Case For Fast Track Trade Authority . An excerpt:
by Meteor Blades
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I start from the basic presumption that the president, and most of the people who work for him, are very, very smart people. So, when the president's point person on the Trans Pacific Partnership, U....
by Tasini
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It's pretty simple: you can't advance a progressive agenda, or even one you call "liberal", that claims to want to combat inequality AND go all out to ram through the Trans Pacific Partnership using ...
by Tasini
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Since 2009 I've written about ALEC's involvement in attempting to establish themselves as players on an international playing field. With "Free Trade" as their primary mantra - just above that of "
by Bob Sloan
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There's been very little mention of what Obama's State of the Union speech has to say about the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty proposal. As Robert Reich has commented : If you haven’t heard ...
by doomvox
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Among other things ... the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) empowers Corporations to sue local Government over " lost profit " -- that result from environmental regulations . Trans-Pacific ...
by jamess
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Republished from The Progressive Midwesterner Several members of the New Democratic Coalition, a group of pro-greed and anti-middle class Democrats led by U.S. Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin, ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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At CommonDreams, Nadia Prupis writes Democrats Rally to Block Fast Track Trade . An excerpt: President Barack Obama is facing renewed opposition to his effort to ...
by Meteor Blades
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Over the years, the Democratic opposition in the House to so-called "free trade" has grown, with more members opposed to so-called "free trade" than say back in the 1990s; the Senate has continued ...
by Tasini
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Ok, so, Bernie Sanders was more judicious in his demand to the Obama Administration that he have access to a full draft of the current Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Still, this is extremely ...
by Tasini
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Under billions of tons of imports, the American dream is suffocating. The American people have lost faith. They know that bad trade has bled factories, middle class jobs and wage increases from the ...
by Leo W Gerard
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