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Click to enlarge. The portions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that have ...
by BrianMcFadden
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Obama's the one who's wrong on this, not Elizabeth Warren. It's wrong to put cheap goods above human rights and the environment (despite Obama's assertions to the contrary which we can't check now ...
by mbhiii
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Since NAFTA, the United States has devolved into an oligarchy/plutocracy. Since NAFTA, Canada has regressed to the basic essence of old colonialism: an economy almost entirely dependent on one, ...
by NBBooks
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"I don't need a free trade agreement I have a fair trade agreement with my customers." - Farmer Jim Hare Over 110 farm, food and consumer groups oppose trade promotion authority - http://www.iatp....
by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
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Good for Elizabeth Warren. In a respectful but "I'm not backing down manner," she's firing back at the president's nonsense about TPP. And in her own words on her blog.
by Tasini
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Obama's White House says don't worry - they're including labor standards in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that will protect workers.
by Th0rn
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Alan Grayson: "The fast track to Hell" ties the hands of the U.S. Congress and prevents Congress from reviewing the TPP. Each member of Congress - including "Yours Truly" - Each member of ...
by peace voter
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There are a ton of bad ideas out there in the world of economic policy--mostly, those are dumb ideas having to do with the complete comfort with class warfare, from "trickle down" to "CEOs are job ...
by Tasini
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Photo by Omar Willey @ Seattle Star Note: I retain the copyright to this article. It is an April Fools Day satire article originally published @ Seattle Star April 1, 2015 http://www.seattlestar....
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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The White House is once again on the defensive . Last week, Wikileaks released a document ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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Have you heard about the TPP? ALL of the TPP -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement s being conducted by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, far from the light of day -- on our behalf. If not, ...
by jamess
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Here it is, for the world to see.
by Tasini
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Back in the day when I, reluctantly, took statistics (barely passing, is my recollection), the favorite cliche making the rounds was ""There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
by Tasini
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In 2001, four months before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I moved from a small town in the Midwest to San Clemente, California. The main artery leading from the sleepy coastal ...
by praenomen
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“Give us a protective tariff, and we will have the greatest nation on earth,” once declared Abraham Lincoln, who like many other major figures in American history was a firm believer in using ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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Well, a tip of the hat to some people in labor for reaching down and remembering they have a few cojones left--or maybe it was reaching deep into their pockets and remembering that they have the ...
by Tasini
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If people understood the trade deficit and the harm it does, they would demand that our politicians do something to fix it. And if that happened great things would happen for working people and our ...
by davej
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This week 40 groups—many of them focusing on rural and community-based responses to climate change— wrote Congress calling for the rejection ...
by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
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On Tuesday evening, February 17, the Richmond, CA City Council in an almost unanimous vote passed “ A Resolution Opposing the Fast-Track ...
by PDA
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Democratic members of Congress need to stiffen their spines and, when it comes to vote on fast-tracking consideration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, they must say no to President Obama. ...
by jcullen
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