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There is a totally unscientific poll (that's still live) that needs some help. As of this posting, there are about 11,000 votes, 9,000 of which are in favor of repealing the handgun ban in England.
by weaponsofmassdeception
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I can't believe I'm going to link to a MSN.com poll , but it's a poll on Gays in Scouting, and currently the "Neither should be allowed" are ahead by 9%. It hurts my heart. So go vote.
by lostboyjim
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On my daily trek to the looney side , just to get a few laughs, I came across the unskewed polls guy website. I don't even remember how I got there, and I read the same bullshit election "scenarios"
by rfhusker
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Important swing state, state's biggest paper http://www.denverpost.com/election2012/ci_21828677/live-presidential-debate-obama-romney-argue-foreign-...
by ariznem1
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http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/opinion/todaysbuzz/os-todays-buzz-obama-romney-last-debate-winner-102312,0,5506807.story http://www.yahoo.com/ Do Both .....
by BostonBilly
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Journalism today is, in a word, garbage. Utter trash like this abounds: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/10/snap-polls-ryan-biden-138249.html?hp=r4_b1 Because of this, freeping remains very ...
by unred
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Okay people here's the deal. A decent bit of the message that the media will convey about who won the debate tonight is influenced by the online polls on these media websites. For example, if ...
by ppcodeman
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After yesterday's fun contests in MI and AZ, our Loyal Opponents over at freerepublic dotcom are trying, without much success, to figure out some way forward. And it ain't easy. Some are pragmatists,
by qannabbos
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The FREEPERS frequently do some funny stuff (as well as some frankly scary stuff), but a diary this evening struck me, at the end of a fairly unique week, as much funnier than even their normal ...
by leevank
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by Scott Wooledge
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You think this was an "accident...?" Liberal dupes! That's what they want you to think! The real "adults," the cooler heads - the conserv atives - who ...
by Hookah
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I just strolled over to FR to see what the latest hate was that they are spewing when I ran across the topic of "Freep this poll".
by doug1204
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If you're on Facebook please respond to this poll: Should the United States President be allowed to do a nationwide address to our children at school, without prior parental ...
by chipoliwog
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While cruising the latest news about health care and the public option, I came across an ABC story. The article notes the main point of contention is the public option. But there are a few things ...
by Mrick
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Update: Vote then do something the actually matters, like making a donation, calling a relative who could be more active, telling a neighbor they can participate too! This poll ...
by Boalt
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UPDATE -- commenters tell me the poll is old, old, old, so in 5 minutes, this diary gets deleted. "There's a "grade the president" poll on NBC that's getting spammed to the right, so I'm asking ...
by OldYellerDog
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Simple plea for a few votes for my grassroots charity, Cheer New York .
by Scott Wooledge
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Juan Cole (on Kos' blogroll) blogs Informed Comment , he focuses on the Middle East and is usually the first place I visit when I need to ...
by NevDem
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Amazon tracks reader interests closely, so I was not surprised to see a pitch for a history book on Amazon, but I was taken aback by the title pitched to me: Jonah Goldberg's screed Liberal ...
by Historian
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Lou Dobbs has a piece today on Acorn and purported election fraud. (Surprise! They're using the right term!). If the details are as they report, then I think someone associated with ACORN should ...
by tle
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