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How many times has this happened to you? It's a pleasant summer afternoon, so you pour yourself a glass of wine and take it outside to enjoy on your deck or patio. Maybe you have a magazine, or ...
by Keith930
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1. If we're to entrust our children and their future to Palin and her abstinence-only views about sex education, what are we to make of her child's unplanned, out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Are these the ...
by The Mad Titan
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cross-posted at Left ...
by Rusty5329
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Everyday I get up wondering what kind of circus performance John Mccain or Sarah Palin will serve up. Let's see, how many lies can one person say in one day. I have lost count. But for those of you ...
by sharistuff
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While we have all enjoyed the sport of tearing into Sarah Palin for making fun of what appeared to be research that benefits her pet issue, it turns out that the earmark in question was about the ...
by UncleDavid
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As someone who has been engaged in promoting research efforts for rare and chronic disorders, I was disgusted that Sarah Palin used her one attempt at a policy speech to undermine the efforts of ...
by MManion
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Sarah Palin thought she had a funny one liner about "fruit fly research" in Paris, France..."I kid you not." And golly gee, the crowd of right wing nuts she was speaking to guffawed on cue, yuck ...
by mole333
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"Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age. Let's set high standards for our schools and give them the resources they need to succeed. Let's ...
by blue husky
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Want to know why the McCain campaign is doomed? Well, for other than choosing a vacuous and utterly clueless twit for VP, misrepresenting almost every single one of Obama's positions and keeping ...
by Stevie Z
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I confess that I don't know a great deal about Mr. Wolffe's background - but when I have heard him speak on Countdown he exhibited what appeared to be that studied, calm, measured gift for ...
by Boxer7
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Sarah Palin has shown herself to be unfit to serve as Vice President more times than I can count -- for her lack of interest in foreign affairs, for her lack of knowledge of the Supreme Court, for ...
by jforman
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According to Sarah Palin the answer warrants a laugh, a wink and a failed "policy speech". Fortunately, leading scientists and geneticists disagree. They treat the question with the same respect ...
by CaptainTight
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What a busy day for Sarah Palin. Besides giving a deposition on her role in troopergate (see:
by Barbara Morrill
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