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In an ever increasing onslaught of tragedy, climate disasters, killings, wars, and corruption, both inside and outside the Beltway, I ask myself if there is an end in sight or we will continue to ...
by herronsmith
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by TomDispatch
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What hope does humanity have beyond our world? The space faring age, has been upon us for some time. We have been to the moon and beyond, but the causation of such endeavors where not based ...
by Evan Williams
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Ugh. Here I go for surgery on April 15 and I have to leave everything up to my sister of all people. My sister who is the opposite of me in all regards. My sister who has the memory of a gnat. ...
by BFSkinner
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Having been born and raised in Indiana I am obviously embarrassed by the level of bigotry and stupidity displayed by the governor of that state and some percentage of the population responsible for ...
by clavierm
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Everett G. Andersen When my parents were in their teens, the United States was in the throes of the Great Depression, and then World War II. The vision they had of their future was just to survive. ...
by Mark E Andersen
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Future imaginings Welcome to the ...
by Walter Einenkel
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by Walter Einenkel
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(What will it be like to discuss this time period in the future? How will we view the moral landscape of this time period, historically? otto) "Essay" Language 201 Early Twenty first Century Prose ...
by otto
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This is my second recent post about Bertrand Russell , the famous philosopher, mathematician, Nobel ...
by hungeski
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Dear Mr. President: This is a historic moment. The future of the United States of America lies in your hands. If you sign the Republican budget bill, you will consign us to the status of a ...
by Martha Ture
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After a big holiday meal, the last thing the family wants to hear is you battling with your Uncle Denier about the destructiveness of climate change—rising sea levels, tropical diseases ...
by Meteor Blades
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America used to do great things. We built the Hoover Dam; provided electricity to rural and dirt poor parts of Tennessee and Kentucky; we put men on the moon; fought two World Wars; and built a ...
by Tzimisce
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The American experience has changed, over the years. My father is a man who came into manhood during a prosperous time in the USA. Carl is a man of strong convictions, politically and religiously. ...
by tsteinbreck
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This will get worse. I have spent decades around local political organizing and professional consulting. I have taken time to reflect and have some deeply thought out considerations about the ...
by Stuart Heady
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The poor has got the power of the vote. They may have beans and cornbread if lucky and a few clothes to throw on their backs. They may struggle with the light bill and water and Lord knows they ...
by Vetwife
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Democrats will win in the Senate (50+, this includes Orman, etc.). Koch/Rove money will not matter, just like it didn't in 2012. Hillary will announce on 11/05/14. Obama will go full speed ahead ...
by JPCinKC
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GDP or Gross Domestic Product is a figure that those of us who follow politics hear constantly. It is apparently the gold standard measure of health for our markets. Politicians tout it when it is ...
by Jacob Geers
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As the middle class falls into the lower class because of bad politics, corporate corruption, and greedy rich people, those of us left in the wake are in BIG trouble. There isn't a plan for ...
by Ann the Pan
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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