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SurveyUSA's just released GA Senate poll has Purdue up 3 points on Nunn, an apparent reversal from their last 2 polls which has Nunn up by 3 points and 2 points. Nunn's position with white voters, ...
by schobel94
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Steve Benen provides an update on an issue discussed last week on the Rachel Maddow Show. Civil rights groups sue over Ga. voter backlog Georgia may be considered a reliably “red” state in the ...
by gaardvark
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The Republican mantra of "no free lunch," gets translated into a variety of conditional situations. What it boils down to is that, while there may be a right to life, sustenance has to be earned by ...
by hannah
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Of course, New Hampshire has appreciated the paychecks that flow from being the first in the nation to hold a Presidential primary. But, other states are catching on. When was the last time you ...
by hannah
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Let's start with the good, the latest pictures by James R. Holland from the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge on the northern end of McIntosh County. The Gang's all here:
by hannah
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Are you surprised? I'm not. Breaking from CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/06/justice/georgia-courthouse-shooting/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 Man tries to open carriy Assault rifle into courthouse in ...
by Vetwife
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Jason Carter tells us he's a fiscal conservative. I'm going to take that to mean "I don't waste money." Fully agree. Money is for spending -- to mediate a fair exchange. In that sense, money is an ...
by hannah
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OK, there's something weird going on. First, let me admit that, as a Democrat, I'm fully supportive of Michelle Nunn seeking election to the U.S. Senate. Like any first hire, she's a crap shoot. But,
by hannah
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The Sea Island Acquisitions people still think that what they do with the property they claim to own is a matter of choice, as if ownership of land were the same as ownership of oneself. Never ...
by hannah
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Dr. Ron Butchart, of the University of Georgia, has documented that of some 11,700 school teachers active in the South after the Civil War, 4000 were missionaries from the North and mostly white, ...
by hannah
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Shooter had a bigger gun... these gun toters under new law depended on 100 cops or more.. The law is useless Well it did not take long for the new Ga gun laws to bite them. Now I know ...
by Vetwife
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If you don't remember who Pierre (pronounced pier) Howard is, let me re-introduce you. Elected Lt. Governor of Georgia in 1990, Howard served two terms and was on hand to introduce Bill Clinton ...
by hannah
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From St. Simons to Sea Island, if it's not one thing it's the other. For, while the land speculators are busy trying to sell off lots on the Spit before the rising tides wash the dunes away, the ...
by hannah
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by Kathleen Unger and Steven ...
by VoteRiders
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Previous coverage of this issue can be found here and here . Now it becomes obviously helpful to have legal beagles on call.
by hannah
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The Altamaha River enters the Atlantic Ocean at Darien, Georgia. The Blue Crabs, presumably, prefer the brackish waters in the coastal marshes. Though, their habitat seems increasingly stressed by ...
by hannah
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So, I registered with the Nunn for Senate campaign and one of the first communications, after the money solicitations, was an invitation to sign on to her "5 ways to fix Washington" campaign. ...
by hannah
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So you can better see, James Holland, the busy beaver, writes:
by hannah
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Perhaps one of the more surprising 2012 results was Rep. John Barrow (D-Augusta) not just winning, but winning by a margin of 53.7%-46.3% over State Rep. Lee Anderson in a district where Obama only ...
by KingofSpades
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Sara R and several others of us are trying to help Rachel. racheltracks is one of the most generous people on this site and in such dire need. Thank you Sara for giving me the opportunity to try ...
by Vetwife
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