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by David Nir
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by RLMiller
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GA has 13 representatives, 8 R and 5 D HI has 2 representatives, both D, both safe ID has 2 representatives, 1 D and 1 R Vulnerable: GA-02, GA-08, GA-12, HI-01, ID-01 (all D)
by plf515
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Summary: GA has 13 representatives, 8 R and 5 D; only GA-8 and GA-12, now D, seems vulnerable. The primary is July 20 HI has 2 representatives, both D, HI-01 is vulnerable. Primary ...
by plf515
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The elections are 11 months away, so I am going to start this series again, updating my earlier ones. FL has 25 representatives: 15 R and 10 D GA has 13 representatives, 8 R and 5 D , seems ...
by plf515
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by jayskew
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Last Tuesday I attended the taping of Congressional Debates sponsored by GPB (Georgia Public ...
by TexDem
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by Unitary Moonbat
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Below the fold is an email letter I received today and thought should be shared with the community. I called the author of the letter and asked her permission to post it in its entirety. She gave ...
by TexDem
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As the election draws closer the need for money becomes greater and this is true whether your name is Barack Obama or Stephen Camp . If you haven'...
by TexDem
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by TexDem
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It is our solemn duty as progressive Southerners (or any otherners) to open a can of political whup-ass on Lynn “Uppity” Westmoreland. This fool has got to go.
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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CAMP FOR CONGRESS Lynn Westmoreland aka 3 Commandment Lynn is an example of the GOP and ...
by TexDem
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Today is Constitution Day, the day we celebrate the achievements of the Constitutional Convention that gave us the U.S. Constitution 221 years ago. So, in light of some comments made by Congressman ...
by Stephen Camp
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It is hard to believe that someone would say, let alone write, let alone submit this letter. Submit to ...
by fdrrfk1974
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My name is Stephen Camp , and I am running to unseat Lynn Westmoreland in Georgia's 3rd District. As most of you know, Westmoreland described Barack ...
by Stephen Camp
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Westmoreland continues to hide behind his press secretary. He also just won the designation as the worst Republican in Congress at the game taboo. Check out his press secretary's explanation in ...
by fdrrfk1974
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The audio speaks for itself. The great ...
by fdrrfk1974
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Stephen Camp the young attorney from Newnan, Georgia who is running against Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R) GA-03 issued a statement via his website demanding an apology from Congressman Westmoreland for ...
by TexDem
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Send Newt a real political message. Donate the cost of a gallon of gas to your candidate of choice. Better yet, donate to the candidate seeking to represent part of Newt's old district in Congress,
by fdrrfk1974
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