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Um. No. Sex misconduct from yrs ago was gross but Speaker Hastert is now a victim who should be given pass in exchange for testimony vs blackmailer. — Geraldo Rivera (@...
by Walter Einenkel
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On his radio show today, January 29, Hannity was going on with the current right wing memes: the President is running a lawless administration, he's trashing the constitution, even his ...
by xaxnar
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The "Democratic Donkey" was originally a political attack twisting President Andrew Jackson's name to "Jackass," but Democrats embraced the symbolism of an animal associated with hard work. I've ...
by Doctor RJ
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it's really important for us all to keep the subject headline in mind, because sooner or later *all* of us make gaffes we might not be able to live down. Politicians are no exception, of course... ...
by TheOldIslander
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Release the Biden The headline of the article making its way around Twitter just now: Did Joe Biden Just Leak A Secret Government Plan To Stop Deportations You can'...
by zenbassoon
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Lynn Jenkins went out of her way to tell us all what was wrong with the developments in Washington. This was a "manufactured crisis" that was just made up.. primarily because the senate was going ...
by Chris Reeves
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Chuck Todd made news on MSNBC when, in a discusion about the Affordable Care Act, he said it wasn't the job of the press to call out Republican lies. Or at least that's what it appeared he was ...
by xaxnar
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The final gaffe of the campaign. You read it here first. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/04/us/politics/paul-ryan-is-said-to-be-planning-an-active-role.html?ref=politics Representative Paul D. ...
by grytpype
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In defense of Mitt Romney, his website states , "[o]ur country today faces a bewildering array of threats and opportunities." That those threats and opportunities are truly bewildering to Mr. Romney ...
by HawksLoveDoves
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"Mitt Romney was a disappointment with his nearly gaffe-less and mostly truthful performance."
by ConsciousObserver
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Noun: An unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a ...
by El Chuco
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Just a short, throw-away line yesterday during NPR’s regular piece interview of the Gallop poll director, who predictably opined that gaffes on both sides typically fade from significance political-
by Victim of Circumstance
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Many fair-minded observers have asked "what is the difference between Romney's 47% secret video gaffe and Obama's clinging to 'guns and religion' gaffe of 2008?" That's a fair question. First it's ...
by tjwalker
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Merry Liberal Christmas, Y'all! Mitt Romney gave us all a wonderful present last night, didn't he? Gosh, and I didn't get him anything. Anyway, the most spectacular part of this type of thing, of ...
by Vox
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This bit of Romney's incredibly awkward last-minute press conference stuck with me: ...the president's approach is attractive to people who aren't paying taxes because frankly my discussion about ...
by Melquiades
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A quick background on what the Romney campaign responded to - a diary by Kos user joelgp. This morning, during the Romney conference call, Ed Gillespie was asked to respond to this video. His ...
by svip
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Republicans can't understand why they aren't doing better. It's because they are straying too far from what their most effective message would probably be. Few people actually blame Obama for all ...
by imobannon
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I live in Lakeland, Florida, so when I watched The Rachel Maddow Show Friday night and saw her play a portion of this clip, I was surprised to learn that while I was sound a sleep having stayed up ...
by hungrycoyote
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From a DNC Rapid Response email I just received: Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition yesterday in Tampa ahead of the Republican convention, the Texas GOP Senate hopeful said that Hurricane ...
by Melquiades
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according to this item in the Caucus Blog at the New York Times. DES MOINES — In extending condolences for the Wisconsin shooting, Mitt Romney mistakenly referred to the victims gunned down at a ��
by teacherken
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