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31 years age, I met and spent a few days with a young organizer for the Gary Hart for President Campaign in Davenport, Iowa. Martin O'Malley was contagiously positive despite the fact that Hart ...
by howardpark
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In the wake of Jeb Bush's whiplash-producing reversal last week, the U.S. media is engaged in a feeding frenzy over who would have supported the Iraq war " knowing what we know now ." ...
by Jon Perr
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Do you know anyone, meaning a fair minded, decent human being that cares about the real issues that affect our lives (jobs, income equality, benefits) that would volunteer to be a lifelong politician?
by allenels
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The "Democratic Donkey" was originally a political attack twisting President Andrew Jackson's name to "Jackass," but Democrats embraced the symbolism of an animal associated with hard work. I've ...
by Doctor RJ
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by poopdogcomedy
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Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) spoke yesterday at an incredible event featuring members of the Church Committee. WaPo reported : A senior U.S. senator on ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Let me indulge in a little role-playing here. I’m Fred McMurray (aka Steve Douglas). I have three sons—Mike, Robbie, and Chip. They’re a handful. Last spring I had to go to the East Coast on ...
by Capriccio
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Why do we humans band together for the greater good? Why do we give up some our freedoms to coexist and thrive, within the context of this abstract thing, called Government? USA. Canada. European ...
by jamess
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That former Bush speechwriter and current torture enthusiast Mark Thiessen would accuse President ...
by Jon Perr
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I've long thought that American politics - and economics - went sideways in the 1970s and we've never recovered. The ghost of Richard Nixon continues to haunt American politics. Nixon's ...
by glendenb
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On Tuesday, the National Security Archive released a trove of 120 previously secret documents concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. With revelations about the CIA's budget ...
by Jon Perr
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Today Gary Hart has an opinion published in the NYT, The Democratic Road Not Taken . Hart comes back from political oblivion to tell us By failing to innovate some 30 years ago, it has permitted ...
by MikeBoyScout
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When you lead a life as exciting as mine, the arrival of spring break is a door opening to another adventure. I decided not to head for Fort Lauderdale. My sole destination after I left school ...
by rturner229
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"Where's the beef?" With that sound bite, Walter Mondale deflated the insurgent bid of the "candidate of new ideas" Gary Hart for the 1984 ...
by Jon Perr
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( mostly a repost from 2010 ) Well, today's my birthday. ...
by BruinKid
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The British have a great phrase for expressing the fact that someone is undergoing a particularly angering derangement syndrome. They simply say that someone "has a cob on." Well, Joan Walsh has had ...
by Marianna76
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New Rule: If we stop treating politicians like the celebrities they’re not, maybe then they’ll act like responsible people we trust to represent us, instead of the celebrities they’re not.
by Marianna76
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( mostly a repost from 2008 ) Well, today's my birthday. But this diary? It's ...
by BruinKid
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I've done this topic before a while back, but I thought it ...
by Doctor RJ
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No boy, no problem . For the adulterers of the Republican Party , that has long been the ...
by Jon Perr
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