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Ballot Access Just so that you'll know that Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 45 states, has submitted signatures in 4 of the other 5, and is collecting in the 5th (Kentucky). Evidently a legal ...
by blue aardvark
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Solutions v.s. Complaining. Actions v.s. Inaction. Both are easy words to understand, yet there are differences between to two. Solutions/Actions include seeking alternative opinions for the issue, ...
by kayla9170
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Democratic voters in Kentucky, Republican voters in California, and Green Party supporters across the USA have one thing in common: their votes are almost certain to have no impact on the outcome of ...
by mikebailey2000
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Gary Johnson is effectively turning New Mexico Into a safe blue state. I suggest that if you live in a swing state you show up to help Gary Johnson's campaign out, to secure ballot access and also ...
by daeros
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Protesters show at tea party event in Boston (Paul Weiskel/ Flickr ) Arrests, police misconduct, and still more infringements on the First Amendment went down in the Bay State on Sunday afternooon.
by Scott Wooledge
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Tonight on TDS, Mohamed Nasheed, Former President of the Maldives ; and on TCR, Gary Johnson governor of New Mexico, Libertarian Presidential Candidate .
by TiaRachel
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Allow me to recount to you my shock of learning this morning that veteran Republican operative Roger Stone has left the GOP.
by DSWright
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I don't care whether it's Dick Gephardt or Paul Ryan, the people entrusted with the "rebuttal" to the State of the Union come off looking like jackasses. Perhaps the Founding Fathers were smarter ...
by Brian Ross
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So if you don't know yet, Master of Comedy Stephen Colbert's PAC is out with ...
by coolelegans
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Mitt Romney, in ...
by David Nir
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Martin ...
by David Jarman
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(More at What Would Jack Do? ) Next to Romney, Gingrich seems authentic. Next to Herman Cain, Gingrich seems faithful. ...
by Jack Cluth
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As [Pam Spaulding http://pamshouseblend.firedoglake.com/2011/12/01/breaking-gop-presidential-candidate-gary-johnson-announces-support-for-marriage-equality-during-online-town-hall/] writes:
by Ed Tracey
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by cassandracarolina
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Help the RNC to pick their candidate for 2012. Thar she blows ! Ride the White Whale ! ...
by vets74
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Welcome to the last edition of Quote the Ravin'. After a full year of quote compiling I'm calling it quits and moving on to another project. It's bittersweet: although it was a lot of work with not ...
by esby
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(Joel Page/Reuters) ...
by David Nir
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No snark this week, kind of a slow news week except for NOTW. Quotes below the fold.
by esby
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Bachmann ...
by Jed Lewison
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The NBA draft occurs tonight. I realize that we are still a year away from the GOP nominating convention but the draft is about making predictions and locking up talent. I decided to analyze that ...
by gravlax
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