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A Harrisburg, PA right-wing radio host joined the chorus of Obama-Nazi comparisons on Thursday. Ken Matthews, on WHP-AM said that if people still support Obama, "You know what you are? If you ...
by MorrillMajority
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My wife is a huge fan of the Food Network series Chopped, and I've watched my share, or more, of the episodes. I like the show also. If you haven't seen it, it features a host (food and style writer ...
by Black Max
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New York's leading right wing pit bull Rudy Giuliani has embarked on a crusade to find black bogymen to deflect the heat that is being focused on the NYPD and the role of his administration in ...
by Richard Lyon
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Bear in mind that I have no idea what the phrase "agree with the other side" is supposed to mean. I find that the words "agree" and "disagree" are often misused and misunderstood in political ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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On Face the Nation today, Rudy Giuliani insisted Al Sharpton visited Obama at the White House 40 times, which is ironclad “evidence” that Obama is responsible for a demonstrably mentally ill ...
by anon004
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You can’t turn on Fox News without hearing the name “Al Sharpton.” Lately it seems he’s to blame for every culture shift. Maybe that’s why Obama wants him around. I am not a fan of Al ...
by claytoonz
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How predictable that right wingers would use the tragedy of the assassination of two police officers to go after police brutality protesters and those who use their First Amendment rights to free ...
by Mike Caccioppoli
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He's the one New Yorkers elected to be in charge. "A reckless, coordinated escalation of a war." That's what the New York Times editorial board ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Remember the march to protest police brutality in Washington DC? Remember the outrage on right wing radio and news outlets picked up a chant saying clear as day- " Kill a Cop"? I had my Facebook ...
by Intheknow
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Tamir Rice is dead, Eric Garner is dead, Michael Brown is dead, John Crawford is dead, Weijian Liu is dead, Rafael Ramos is dead, Charles Kondek is dead. Now there are calls for "unity," and for "...
by DROzone
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On Saturday a deranged lunatic killed two New York City police officers while they were sitting in their car in Brooklyn. Earlier in the day the same psychopath shot his girlfriend in Baltimore. ...
by claytoonz
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http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/nypd-cops-turn-backs-de-blasio-hospital-article-1.2052215 Well, here we go again... FOX NEWS stirring up white hatred ...
by thinkingblue
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Recently, I have joined two communities: one which is very conservative and another which is very liberal. In both, I was vetted—the gatekeepers wanted to know more about what I may or may not ...
by EmpowermentStartsHere
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Long time activist, Tom Hayden thinks that Rev. Al Sharpton’s call for a National Day of Demonstrations on December 13th is the right call.
by lawscout
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Where was Reverend Sharpton before Ferguson Burned This article from the N.Y. Times described how the rioting after the decision resulted in the destruction of what had been the core of the African ...
by arodb
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Is Progressive talk radio dead? No, but close. Initial Phase: During the Bush years and leading up to the 2004 Election Progressives finally began to understand that we didn’t have nearly the ...
by jamatucci1
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Can you get a job in the morning . . .
by aoeu
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Narratives matter. Most importantly they metastasize over time. In watching Rand Paul over the last several months it is evident that he is running for president of the United States. Many rightly ...
by Egberto Willies
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This is good news. Notwithstanding the acts of a few opportunists, the protests in Ferguson have been largely non-violent and non-destructive. Watching the news last night, the protesters were at ...
by TomP
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by Egberto Willies
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