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The Stonewall riots are often pointed to as the start of the gay and lesbian liberation movement in the US, although in fact they were not. Perhaps the fact that they occurred in New York, the ...
by Gomphothere
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There has been a lot of talk about women lately. Raising awareness of Breast Cancer. Raising awareness of Sexual Violence. Walking a mile in her shoes. I decided that this year, for Halloween, I ...
by mellowinman
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Just a quick one for the late night watch. I thought this was pretty nice. The United States will treat the visa applications of same-sex married couples in the same manner as opposite-sex spouses,
by Dartagnan
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In honor of Pride weekend, it is good to have a reminder of how far gays and lesbians have come. Here is a Time Magazine article ...
by Dwight Furrow
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California - SHAME. I grew up and lived most of my life in California. I'm 49 years old and in this short lifetime I've seen my community hounded, demeaned, and allowed to die. A bit of history ...
by Dem Beans
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I just got done watching this movie on LifeTime called "Prayers for Bobby" and I have to say I wish I could make EVERY hateful narrow-minded homophobic person who still thinks it's ...
by angrybird
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I know I am a bit late putting in my two cents worth over the Rev. Warren situation, but my phone was turned off last week Monday (yes, I am on dial-up), so I was without the Internet and dailykos ...
by angrybird
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This is an action item for those of us who live in New York. Palin this and can-you-believe-what-McCain-said that aside, this election is about real people and real communities. As Obama says, ...
by JeremiahFP
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by justiceputnam
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