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Foreshadowed by the author this morning on the Chris Matthews Show, Elizabeth Bumiller writes an article in the NYTimes on David Petraeus' new place in the Obama administration.
by calchala
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Until this week, it seemed like the conventional wisdom in Washington was that stopping U.S drone strikes in Pakistan was outside the bounds of respectable discussion. That just changed. Or it ...
by Robert Naiman
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Remember back when Congress was arguing about Iraq? To hear some people talk at the time, whatever came out of General David Petraeus' mouth was God's Truth. General Petreaus said it. No further ...
by Robert Naiman
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After the past few months of watching the right wing criminals create a farce that the reconciliation of Iraq has been working and that we are winning the war on terror I have been in awe at just ...
by cheftdp
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The war on terror is a failure in the minds of those polled. Some 24,000 adults across 23 countries were polled for the BBC World Service ...
by don mikulecky
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John McCain was a fighter pilot. Well, fighter-bomber pilot actually but a similar experience. You all know how the training and experiences of our youth mold us. It's very hard to change those deep-...
by CarbonFiberBoy
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Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld over at TPM have an article entitled: Petraeus: I Don't Know That I Will Ever Use The Word "Victory" For Iraq Apparently, despite the fact that ...
by hummingbird4015
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As many of you already may have seen, General Petraeus has inserted himself into the narrative of the 2008 campaign, again. This time publicly stating his opposition to a timetable, as if he had ...
by fearisthemindkiller
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So the drama continues, and by the AM it will be all Petraeus, all the time for the foreseeable future. Why? Because General Petraeus stated in ...
by zizi
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