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Enough! I've been patient to watch MSNBC while Contessa Brewer has been hosting so long through the daytime. She's never been a good journalist — that's O.K. to me since most of them are —
by ysbee
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This new report comes as no surprise. Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain as president ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Now I know this may be somewhat unpopular and many of you are rightly focused on just winning the election more so than winning every point. But after watching the debate, I've gotta say...some of ...
by RichardWoodcockII
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(Cross-posted from Obamaism.org ; version over there has some content this version doesn't) A simple idea, but one that can never be emphasized too much.
by David Boyle
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This is a cross-post of a blog entry on my site, returngood.com , which focuses on Christian nonviolence. Adherents of Christian nonviolence are often ...
by dcrowe
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Yes, you read that right ...
by madasheck
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Asks For $1 Trillion To Go Get Him reposted from my fake news blog www.richieville.com Richieville News Service &#
by Richieville
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http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5j3OfYY31yv9LNOspwKcj73SwDegwD90CCOO00 Let me ask you this simple question: On September 12, 2001, how many of us would have considered this even possible?
by RichardWoodcockII
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McCain's connection of Shia dominated Iran with Sunni dominated Al-Qaida was no misstatement. Not only did McCain voice this fundamental misunderstanding of the Iraq situation twice in Jordan and ...
by CaptStumpy
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I don't know why, but Rep. King's comments struck a more reprehensible than usual chord with me. So I just finished emailing him, something I rarely do in these instances, and decided to repost it ...
by kafkaesque
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Seriously, will the Republicans ever stop the flagrant lies? Rep. Steve King, Iowa's ultra-conservative Representative representing the western part of the state, made these comments in ...
by thecoolmacdude
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Well, it looks like we got the bastards at last. You probably want evidence because every time you hear this claim, reality turns out to be wrong. Well, prepare to be blown away...
by MouseOfSuburbia
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Someone else posted this story here earlier today, but I wanted to update as I found some additional information re. this terrorist collaborator: First, to repost the story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/
by silver spring
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Ex-Lawmaker Charged in Terror Conspiracy Jan 16 02:42 PM US/Eastern By LARA JAKES JORDAN http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8U75TFO2&show_article=1 WASHINGTON (
by Leavenworth
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