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Politicians like to piggy back on each other's speeches so they can have a few extra moments in the limelight. Shouldn't voters be the ones driving the conversation?
by Andy Shallal
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He was perfectly situated sitting quietly on a chair resting against a parking meter, the pieces of clothing he was selling, neatly folded on a small table, or on hangers hooked to metal bars at the ...
by Ray Pensador
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San Francisco's New Disruption EXCERPT: The view looks different from inside the shuttle. Prominent venture capitalist Tom Perkins publicly compared San Francisco's "rising tide of hatred of the ...
by thinkingblue
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Crossposted at Of Means and Ends The Google bus has become a powerful symbol for people outraged by the tech industry’s encroachment on San Francisco. The sleek buses embody a two-tiered ...
by Of Means and Ends
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Photo: Occupy Olympia Yesterday I was at the Emeryville Public Market having lunch with an associate, and when we were done, one of the workers that has been cleaning nearby ...
by Ray Pensador
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(Click to enlarge) Get a signed print of this cartoon from the artist. Follow Jen ...
by Jen Sorensen
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Nato Thompson : I said to you, ‘Rick, what are you going to do? Because now there are all these social practice programs where a lot of white kids are graduating and they’re going to go into ...
by arlenegoldbard
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Photo by Ray Pensador - Sat., Oct. 12, 2013 - Mission & 24th St. It was about 1:20 P.M. on Saturday, October 12th, a mere 5 minutes after I've boarded BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on my way to ...
by Ray Pensador
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This article in the Times is phoned-in and lazy. Nothing in it is really untrue, but nothing in it is news either. The trouble with the Bronx (especially the South Bronx) is it fails to fit in to ...
by futurebird
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You do not own what you think you own. Not in the way you think you own it. What’s yours is only yours until somebody with enough money decides they want it. Don’t believe me? Try owning a home ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Sharpening Blunt Instruments Dear Readers: I'd love to see you at my upcoming book launches in New York at 6 pm on Thursday, 23 May and Berkeley at 2 pm on Sunday, 2 June. What comes to mind when ...
by arlenegoldbard
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(Click to enlarge) The last panel of this cartoon was inspired by a recent ...
by Jen Sorensen
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Class Warfare has always been asymmetrical, but lately the Other Side has outdone itself at Orwellian Olympic Shark Jumping. On January 17th it's time to bite back.
by Xavior Breff
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You may have caught my previous diary, Maritime Hoovervilles in Portland, Oregon . Well, now the good citizens of Oregon, speaking through the State Land Board, have decided to do ... uh ... ...
by Cartoon Peril
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On the perils and promises of beautifying our cities.
by Spencer Troxell
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Following their horrific results in the local council elections in England, Scotland and Wales ( England, Scotland and Wales, Local election results ), Cameron (Tory wearing a blue tie) and Clegg (...
by NY brit expat
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I have written poetry most of my life. Most of my poetry is not for public consumption because it is so personal. My father asked me to burn my poems during the summer between 8th Grade and High ...
by Aidos
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Willets Point, Queens, also known as the Iron Triangle, is a neighborhood where many poor people work. It is not a pretty place but it is where you will find those working on their own American Dream:
by frandor55
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Recently, in the comments section of Muskegon Critic's excellent diary ...
by some other george
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I live in Harlem. That is to say, I live in what was fairly recently Harlem. Now the real estateniks, eager to sell or rent all the new "luxury apartments" that have sprung up like multi-story ...
by lao hong han
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