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Today for the 50th consecutive week, Lucy pulled the football causing Charlie Brown to fall on his back, and George Stephanopulos pulled the logical challenges to the misinformation he allowed his ...
by Dave the Wave
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Amazing! They weren't just repeating the Romney Talking Points either -- about how the Polls don't matter etc. (Matthew Dowd actually said when you're saying THAT, it's a sure sign your campaign is ...
by jamess
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One thing is as certain as death and taxes, GOP shills will call Joe Biden a liar on Friday morning.
by Been There 1963
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When it comes to budget and taxes, Mitt Romney's strategy is to sound like he's explaining things without actually explaining anything. Make big promises about lowering taxes and balancing the ...
by Laura Clawson
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The chairman of the Republican National Committee on Sunday blasted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) as a “dirty liar” for suggesting that presumptive Republican presidential nominee ...
by The Sheeping of America
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I just did something on Facebook I never thought would happen. I reposted a link by a far-right conservative GOP activist, Jennifer Gratz. The link went to a Breitbart article. And I posted both ...
by Brainwrap
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Today's Sunday morning "press" shows are not good journalism.
by kenjay1
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by TiaRachel
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Well, what a difference a day makes, eh? Especially when that day contains a poll that puts your favorite candidate in ...
by demandcaring
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Andrew Breitbart's pet pimp impersonator, James O'...
by KingOneEye
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by Scarce
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by blitz boy
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How I Inadvertently Tuned In to George Stephanopoulis and Wished for a Nuclear Incident in My TV Tube You could see the strain on his face. Poor George had a terrible itch and he ...
by wbramh
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Much is being made of President Obama's dismissal of George Stephanopoulos' question about Sarah Palin's criticism of the New START treaty, but let's face it -- that was as easy ...
by Barbara Morrill
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Michael Steele has broken his silence this morning about the criticism and pressure he's under to resign. Stephanopoulos tweeted about his interview with him this morning...
by Marc in CA
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To get down to business, tonight you can watch Rep. Anthony Weiner on The Daily Show ...
by Kyle the Mainer
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by TiaRachel
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(From TWD ) The "Mayor of Revisionist Lies" insulting display this ...
by sluggahjells
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According to Rudy Giuliani ,
by Dante Atkins
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George Stephanopoulos is leaving ABC's This Week and moving to be the host of Good Morning America. I have obtained a secret practice tape George S. made for ABC as he prepared for the switch to ...
by spurdog
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