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Sure, there are some problems with the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare.gov is apparently ...
by Mark Fiore
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I finally got a word in edgewise! Government shutdown, tea party response time! I know you missed me folks but Susie's back so the tea party's voice can be heard! I stole Jackie's camera so I ...
by SusieSampson
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In ...
by hungeski
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by shortfinals
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And about not becoming a dictator…
by Dbug
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Now that Republicans have gained complete control of both houses of the US Congress and the White House, our esteemed leader and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney can finally get down to ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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Prior to 46 BCE, the Roman calendar was being exploited by politicians and others who haphazardly added days or months to it. As a result, calendar dates didn’t match the seasons of the year. ...
by Ojibwa
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This morning on FOX and Friends, they had another one of their fear-mongering "anti-God secularists are coming to get you" segments. The big horror this time, apparently, is that the Daughters of ...
by AndrewR9
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Every Senator takes an oath upon election and prior to serving in the Senate. That oath states: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States ...
by MPociask
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Throughout the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney confronted numerous George Washington moments – opportunities to establish an aura of honor. It takes moxie to tell fellow Republicans that voter ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Seriously? Do you NRA dimwits really think this crazy shit was what I meant when I came up with the Second Amendment? Are you kidding me? Maybe we didn't have your technology in 1787, but clearly we ...
by johnblu
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by ericlewis0
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There have been five great US Presidents in my opinion. More below the ...
by Vote4Obamain2012
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The recent mass shootings at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado and a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee have reignited the discussion on the optimal methods to provide domestic security,
by bleedblue
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This was so indicative of what we have to deal with that I just had to share. A Facebook friend posted this quote from George Washington: I am sure the mass of citizens in these United States mean ...
by La Gitane
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Today we celebrate fathers and wish Happy Father's Day to fathers from the majestic purple mountains, to the fruited plains, to thine alabaster cities and from sea to shining sea! With a ...
by jillwklausen
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H/t to Gary Norton for finding Rmoney's remarks that were buried in a report from the Las Vegas Sun yesterday and posting his diary, Romney Says You Must Have Three Years of Business Experience to ...
by LeftOfYou
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The Federalist Administrations. 12 years in the presidency: 8 for George Washington, 4 for John Adams. Alexander Hamilton doing most of the heavy lifting as Secretary of the Treasury. A new capital ...
by Dave in Northridge
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Co-authored by Derrick Crowe This week, the three military contractors that do the most business with the Pentagon announced their quarterly profits for 2012. Their profits continue to grow while ...
by RobertGreenwald
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My kindergartener has been learning about the Presidents in school, and has become a bit obsessed with Washington and Lincoln, to the point that he often "plays President" (I get to be Abe, my wife ...
by Brainwrap
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